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Rocky Mountain Chapter - Colorado


Sierra Club Conservation Policies: Transportation

The Sierra Club supports transportation policy and systems that:
• minimize the impacts on and use of land, airspace and waterways, minimize the consumption of limited resources, including fuel, and reduce pollutant and noise emissions;
• provide everyone, including pedestrians, bicyclists and transit users, with adequate access to jobs, shopping, services and recreation;
• provide adequate and efficient goods movement and substitute local goods for those requiring long distance movement, where feasible;
• encourage land uses that minimize travel requirements;
• strengthen local communities, towns and urban centers, and promote equal opportunity;
• eliminate transportation subsidies which handicap achievement of the above goals; and ensure vigorous and effective public participation in transportation planning.

Adopted by the Board of Directors, February 19-20, 1994; amended May 7-8, 1994
Click for the full text of the Transportation Committee's policy statement.

Position Statement on
I-70 Mountain Corridor Draft PEIS

The Executive Committee of the Rocky Mountain Chapter, Sierra Club, has adopted ( February 10, 2005) a formal position regarding the Alternatives under consideration in the PEIS as follows:  

1.  Regarding the Preferred Alternative: we adopt the position of the current consensus in the Corridor:

    • Fixed Guideway Transit System, using a rail technology and not bus fixed guideway
    • No six-lane highway improvements; utilize selected highway improvements only
    • Enhanced Bus Operations to supplement Fixed Guideway Transit System
    • Intermodal Transfer Centers
    • Travel Demand Management
    • Travel System Management
    • Enhanced Air Service
    • Consider Alternate Routes outside of the Highway Right-of-way as appropriate.

2.  Regarding the non-CDOT Train Alternative: we encourage and support the development of a planning study to examine the feasibility such alternative.

3.      We urge CDOT to utilize environmental criteria in the final screening and analysis instead of only capital cost.  Full environmental costs must be included.  If, in the Hearings or during the Comment period, there are any public comments regarding the inadequacy of environmental findings, the Final PEIS should not be issued until the public has a chance to review the reactions and further re-studies of such concerns.

 4.      The PEIS process has not identified a "vision" of what the mountains will be for future generations.  How much mountain sprawl do we want?  How much pavement do we want?  How many parking lots do we want?  These issues need to be resolved before any irreversible highway construction is approved, and these cannot be deferred to Tier II studies.

For Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter formal comments on the I-70 Mountain Corridor Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (Draft PEIS sent on May 24, 2005, to CDOT and the Federal Highway Administration) see Sierra Final Comment on Draft PEIS w-appendices 5-24-05.doc

For NEPA Environmental Quality Improvement Act language re purpose of an Environmental Impact Statemen see CEQ - Regulation 1502.htm

Read Diane Carmen's article, I-70 ideas going nowhere fast

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