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What We Do

The Sangre de Cristo Group is involved in a number of issues locally, state-wide and nationally. Here is a partial list of those activities.

  • Assure Safe Chemical Weapons Disposal - We won the battle for safer technology to destroy the chemical weapons at the Army’s Pueblo Chemical Depot. The struggle to actually get it done responsibly continues.

  • Fix Fountain Creek - Fountain Creek is threatened by pollution, flooding, and unbridled sprawl. W e’re working to change all of that and make this stream the natural asset it can and should be.

  • Reduce Mercury Emissions - Pueblo is the mercury emissions capital of Colorado. We’re working with regulators and others to reduce those emissions and lose that odious distinction.

  • Protect Southeastern CO Ecosystems - Southeastern Colorado's unique combination of canyonlands, forested mesas and grasslands is threatened by the Army’s plan to expand its Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site. We’re working to stop the expansion.

  • Promote Smart Energy Decisions - Southeastern Colorado should be a smart energy hub, setting the pace for innovative and efficient energy production and use. We’re working to make that happen.

  • Clean Up Coal Bed Methane Operations - We’re working to clean up dangerous and polluting coal bed methane operations in Huerfano and Las Animas counties.

  • Support Sustainable Agriculture - We’re working with family farmers and ranchers to encourage low-impact land management and greater consumer access to better food choices.

  • Encourage Outdoor Recreation - Experiencing the incredible natural wonders that Colorado has to offer is one of the best ways to show people why it’s so important to protect them. Our outings help to make that connection.

We need your help...

  • ...Recruiting and informing members
  • ...Recruiting and training volunteers
  • ...Monitoring government activities
  • ...Planning meetings
  • ...Leading outings
  • ...Organizing activists for
    • ...ecosystem protection
    • ...public lands management
    • ...pollution prevention
    • ...waste reduction & recycling
    • ...sustainable development/sprawl
  • ...more
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