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Rocky Mountain Chapter - Colorado


Rocky Flats Grand Jury Report published - The cover up is over

We assume everyone has been following Rocky Flats over the past few years. In the early 1990's, a federal grand jury attempted to indict officials responsible for supposed criminal activities at that site, but were blocked by Reagan appointee Mike Norton, then federal attorney for the Colorado District. That grand jury presented a report of its findings, which was promptly sealed away from public view. Originally, the findings were published at Digital City.

Someone else (presumably), fearful that someone would try to engage in censorship, posted a copy of the censored report at an Italian site. And when the Italian site became unavailable due to technical difficulties, another site immediately posted the report in California.  That too eventually went away when the domain was hijacked.

This is the internet though.  Nothing ever permanently vanishes.  To find the report on the web in any of many mirrors, click on this Altavista search

Some of the mirrors are here:

The Sierra Club of course has no way of knowing whether this is in fact the Grand Jury report, since we like all other Americans were denied the right to see an official copy of this report. However, we've decided to post a pointer to these sites here for everyone's edification. You can decide for yourself.

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