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World population is increasing at a rate of 6 million per month!
U.S. population is increasing at a rate of 58,000 per week!
Why is rapid population growth a concern?
• Fresh water is in limited supply and will be unable to sustain demands of an increasing population.
• Food production has peaked, topsoil depletion is increasing, and demand worldwide for resource-intensive foods such as meat is increasing.
• Air pollution is increasing and global warming is occurring.
• Oceans are being overfished and depleted of stocks. Wetlands are threatened by human encroachment.
• Forests are being cleared in response to human demand for wood products and for land.
• Habitat loss is increasing, contributing to species extinction.
• Sprawl is increasing, along with associated problems of traffic, congestion, and air pollution.
• World population is projected to increase from 6 to 9 billion in the next 50 years.
  Quick facts
• Per capita grain production has declined since 1983, due to a 20% decline in per capita cropland, a 15% decrease in irrigation water, and a 23% drop in the use of fertilizers.
• Humanity would need to reduce emissions by 60 percent or more from current levels world-wide in order to stabilize atmospheric concentrations of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.
• Oceans and rivers are not likely to supply much more than current levels of fish - 60 million metric tons.
• In the 1980's, tropical forested areas the size of Florida disappeared - an estimated 59,500 million square miles.
• An estimate of 27,000 species are disappearing each year.
• Even if a worldwide limit of 2.1 children per couple were adopted tomorrow, population would continue to increase for a generation before stabilizing. The reason - "population momentum," where today's children will grow up to have their own children while their parents are still alive.
Population growth is increasing our impact on the planet   Sustainability can only be achieved with population reduction and stabilization

What can you do?

Join the Rocky Mountain Chapter Population Committee. The Population Committee believes it is important for all Sierra Club programs to emphasize the population-environment message, and for the Club to participate in educating the public on the importance of stabilizing both U.S. and world population.
What we're currently working on:
      • Peak & Prairie: publish population articles in each issue
      • Presence at major events such as the Whole Life Expo
      • Coalition building with other Club committees and other
        population organizations
      • Expanding our grassroots base
What we have done:
      • Tabling at events such as Earth Day
      • Presentations with nationally-recognized guest speakers
      • Letter-writing campaigns
      • Articles in Club publications
      • Lobbying on state and national population legislation,
        including funding for domestic and international family planning

Join us!

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