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RMC Sierra Club Photo Credits

Photos on these pages are used with the express consent of the photographers, who have retained the copyrights of their respective works. You may not reuse these photos without their consent.

Franklin Jones is a semi-pro nature photographer located in Allenspark, Colorado and participates in the Rocky Mountain Internet Users Group

NREL photos come from the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Lab collection of photo images. Use of their photos should not imply any connection between Sierra Club and DOE/NREL. NREL permits free non-commercial use of their photographs, and will license commercial use via their web site.

Photo on the Outings page by Roger Wendell, and gifs throughout the Outings pages by Andy Singer are  used with permission and may not be reproduced. supplies just what the name implies.  Check their site for copyright restrictions.

Photos on the wilderness committee pages are courtesy of Jean Smith

Photo on the membership application page courtesy Alice Ramirez; used with permission.

South Platte Park photo on SPG page by Mike Mueller

Unless otherwise indicated, photos of group and chapter events were taken by a participant in the event and used with their permission. Their credit should appear with the photo.

Much of our clip art came from a public domain gallery at MIT. You may copy those graphics from our page under the terms of the GNU General Public License

Other photographs courtesy Philip Greenspun

Web pages were developed primarily by volunteers who donated time and their skilled work to make these pages happen.

The linux penguin is trademark protected by Linus Thorvald. Original artwork was by Larry Ewing of Texas A&M University, developed with GIMP design tool.

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