Board Of Directors elections

In the next few weeks you'll be getting a ballot to vote for five candidates for the Sierra Club's national Board of Directors. If you are like most of us, you'll recognize the names of few, if any, of the candidates. But this year, you have the chance to see how each candidate responds to questions from average members of the club, and maybe even ask questions of your own, before you make up your mind and cast your vote. To participate, visit our web page and click on 'BOD election'. This will take you to an archive of all questions asked this year. The system will walk you through a process of identifying yourself as a Sierra Club member and subscribing to the list. Is it too late for this year? The same process will be in place next year. Subscribe now.

March appeal

Now you can charge your contribution to the Sierra Club's annual fund appeal to your credit card. Visit our web page. Click on 'donate', and you can contribute using your Master Card or Visa on our secure server.


Want to buy a book, but don't want to travel to a large bookstore at a mega mall to do it? Visit the Sierra Club's on-line bookstore. Purchase the book of your choice through and our web page,and the Sierra Club earns a commission of 5% on your purchase. Purchase a book recommended by us, and we could earn up to 15%. We will also be selling some books directly through the publisher. All books reviewed in the Peak and Prairie are available through our bookstore. Visit our web page and click on bookstore. No traffic, no lines, and no profits for the mega mall that turned some of our vanishing Colorado open space into parking lots.


Want to get involved in a Sierra Club committee working on an issue that you care about? Volunteer now using the Sierra Club web page. Go to our web page and click on 'Volunteer'. Or select 'Local' to find the Sierra Club organization in your own community.


Now you can alert the Sierra Club to your address change right on-line. Go to and click on 'Addr Change'. The form is sent directly to the national member services people for updating your membership record. Don't miss a single issue of Sierra Magazine or Peak and Prairie when you move.


Want to volunteer for a Sierra Club committee, discuss issues with other local activists in your community or just get an e-mail alert when it's time to write a letter to the Forest Service or your local City Council? Go to, click on 'e-mail discussions' and select the Colorado or national lists that fit your interest. Get active now.

Peak & Prairie

Looking for that article on Colorado wilderness that was printed last summer? Or just looking for the outing that is happening this weekend, but can't find your Peak and Prairie? Back issues of the Peak & Prairie are now on-line. Go to our web page and select Newsletter.

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