By Connie Sanchez

The Sierra Club is a grassroots organization. Members are needed to write letters on forest plans, protect wilderness and wildlife, influence urban growth plans, and lobby their elected officials on legislative issues. Any member can participate in a committee working on an issue you care about.

But what do you do when the committee meets in Grand Junction and you live in Fort Collins? How can you get notified quickly when your legislator needs to hear from you tomorrow about the bill he's about to vote on?

There is a solution to both of those problems. Participate by e-mail. If you want to participate in discussions about Colorado wilderness, you don't have to drive long miles to a meeting. And if you want to keep track of the hot legislative issues being considered by your state legislator or your member of Congress, you can get your briefing directly from the state or national Sierra Club e-mail alerts.

You can find the list that suits your interests on our web page. Select 'E-mail Discuss'. That will take you to a page that shows all Colorado lists as well as all national lists. For some of the more popular lists, there is a way to subscribe directly from the page. You can participate in discussions on wilderness, water, sprawl, wildlife, life-styles, air quality and numerous other issues. Or, if you prefer, you can simply receive the daily briefings on national issues, or alerts on Colorado issues, and use that information to contact your elected or appointed officials. And if you decide after reading the discussions or alerts for awhile that the quantity of mail is too much for you, it is just as easy to get off the lists as it is to get onto the lists. Every e-mail message comes with instructions at the bottom on how to unsubscribe via an automated process.

So when there is an issue that you care about, don't sit there waiting for "them" to do something about. Find the e-mail list that covers the issue, and become part of "them" yourself. Get involved.



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