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December 1999 / January 2000


Cast Your Vote For Chapter Ex-Com Members


Please vote in the annual elections for the Executive Committee of the Rocky Mountain Chapter. The Executive Committee has seven At-large positions with staggered two-year terms. This year, terms are expiring for four At-large positions, occupied by Greg Casini, Donna Murphy, Sherri Valentine and David Mastronade. In addition to the At-large members, the Executive Committee also has voting delegates from each of the groups.

Members should find a postcard ballot enclosed in this issue. Ballots must be received by December 31.
Any questions call the chapter office at 303-861-8819.

Candidate statements follow.



In the time since I joined the Sierra Club in 1995, Iíve served as both Chair and Conservation Committee Chair for the Poudre Canyon Group (Larimer and Weld counties), and Iíve been our groupís spokesperson on various local issues. For the past two years Iíve also been the PCGís delegate to the Chapter Executive Committee, a role which helped me to expand my perspective to include statewide and national issues. 

With the promise of new funding sources and staffing, I believe our Chapter is poised to become a dynamic, powerful force in its own right, while still facilitating the success and collaboration of its geographically-dispersed groups. I would like to help pursue this goal as an at-large member of the Executive Committee.

Regarding my personal interests, Iím happiest when Iím backpacking with my wife Jeanie, riding my bike, or playing the piano (and, of course, attending quarterly Ex-Com meetings).



Since assuming the position of Chapter Chair in January, I have increasingly focused the work of the Executive Committee on planning for our Chapterís future. As a result, we have developed a comprehensive strategic plan for the Rocky Mountain Chapter that incorporates the needs and voices of our local groups and helps our groups and Chapter committees build their organizational capacity.

I am providing leadership to strengthen our Chapter in many critical areas, including: 
* Hiring a new staff configuration to give our volunteers the support they need
* Establishing a statewide computerized volunteer recruitment system
* Securing a half-dozen training opportunities specifically for our Chapter
* Recruiting a fundraising committee and bringing our Chapter new funding for the coming year

2000 promises to be an exciting and transforming year for the Rocky Mountain Chapter, and I would be honored to continue to serve as your Chapter Chair.



The main theme of my 15 years as a leader in Sierra Club has been working to provide volunteer activists with the resources that they need to meet the environmental challenges facing us in this state. I have been on the Chapter Executive Committee for the last 5 years, serving as Chapter Chair for 2 years, then as Fundraising Chair and Financial Officer for the past 2 years. 

Throughout this time, I have worked successfully to strengthen the Chapterís financial situation, so that we are now well-positioned to undertake a major program to increase the Chapterís capabilities. I will continue as Financial Officer, overseeing the Chapterís complex finances during this exciting time.



One World, One Environment, One Future, One Club, Many Voices.



Occupation/Background: Comptroller of Naropa University and Board member of Naropa affiliated enterprises, including Hedgerow, a farm dedicated to sustainable agricultural practices and education programs. I have been active in organizations that are dedicated to the rights of the poor and disenfranchised, as well as non-profits that have supported people living with AIDS and to the civil rights of gays and lesbians. 

Sierra Club Activities: For the past three years I have been on the Steering Committee (Treasurer and Ex-Com delegate) of the Gay and Lesbian Sierrans. I have served this past year on the Chapter Ex-Comm Finance Committee and in the upcoming year will be Chair. This past year I served as Vice-Chair of the Annual Retreat.

Statement: The Chapter will be a much stronger voice in Colorado if the organization is dedicated to being relevant to the entire electorate and inclusive of ALL Colorado communities. The Sierra Club can benefit from the diverse experiences and energies that come from an organization that is divers in cultures, heritages and backgrounds. These can include, race and ethnicity, socio-economic status, age, sexual orientation, disability, and physical appearance. If elected, I will dedicate my efforts to helping the Chapter become closer to this illusive entity.



My first visit to Colorado, in the 1960ís, stimulated an interest in the environment which grew rapidly. It led to a career teaching environment economics. It also led to active involvement in the Sierra Club, in Oklahoma as wilderness chair, and now as SPG chair and chapter delegate. I also serve on Denverís South Platte River Commission and the state Air Quality Control Commission. It is crucial that we be involved in such public forums, in elections, and that we regularly communicate with our elected officials. As a member of the ExCom, I will actively work toward these ends.

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