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December 1999 / January 2000


Chapter’s Water Quality Committee Announces Plans for 2000

by Kirk Cunningham, Water Quality Committee Chair

The mission statement for the Water Quality Committee is the basis for our 2000 plan: To support and defend the clean water act as it applies in Colorado, and to educate Sierra Club members about clean water and wetlands issues.

To accomplish our mission during calendar year 2000, we adopted the following goals:

1). Hold monthly committee meetings, advertised well enough in advance in the Peak and Prairie so that people can more easily plan to attend;

2). Comment for the Sierra Club on problematic Colorado discharge (NPDES) permits, 401 certifications, and 404 permit applications, and to involve more people in such efforts;

3). Attend and represent the Club at regular, clean water-related government advisory board meetings, e.g., the Water Quality Control Commission, TMDL Steering Committee, Water Quality Forum, and the Non-Point-Source Task Force, and try to identify other people who can participate in such meetings;

4). Organize and seek participants for water quality or wetlands-related work projects, especially continuing projects at Sawhill Ponds in Boulder and in the Wheat Ridge Greenbelt Park;

5). Devise training and education programs for the public and for new potential water quality activists, for example,

a) future Chapter “Sierra Club Academy” training sessions,
b) instituting a water quality web page on the Chapter web site,
c) educational tours of wetlands, sewage treatment plants, etc.,
d) regular Peak and Prairie articles;

6). Answer routine water quality/wetlands inquiries from our members or the public;

7). Participate in a potential ballot initiative campaign regarding Colorado’s defective audit privilege law. 
The Committee consists of about a dozen members, in two general categories: 1) those who are in “technical reserve,” and do not generally participate in Committee business, but are available to answer questions on technical/legal aspects of water quality, and 2) those who attend meetings and work outings and have a general interest in water quality. We are actively seeking additional members in both categories.

If you would like to be active in our Committee, or need more information, please contact Kirk Cunningham at 303-939-8519 or by email at

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