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December 1999 / January 2000


Letter to the Editor

Today at a conference on the Cherry Creek Watershed, I heard the phrases “smart growth” and “sustainable development” used five or six times. These are statements that even Sierra Club members have used, but I find them to be oxymorons on a par with “military intelligence” or “clean dirt.”

I’m sure that no plants or animals which have gone extinct from the loss of habitat coming from the growth and development of humans would think that the growth were either smart or sustainable. Yet both the Mayor of Aurora and an Arapaho County Commissioner spoke in glowing terms about the annual growth of their areas at 2%. Growing at that rate the area will mean a doubling in just 35 years.

I would suggest that as environmentalists, we should do all we can to educate ourselves and others to work for ending and then reversing the growth in human population size, and as individuals continue to work at reducing our own impact on the planet. Without both a reduction in population and our demands on limited resources, we cannot hope for sustainability into the future, and can only attempt to protect some of the most precious pieces of the earth.

Don Thompson

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