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December 1999 / January 2000


From the chair

New Staff Support for Volunteers

by Greg Casini
RMC Chair

At its October meeting, our Chapter Executive Committee approved a new staff configuration for the Rocky Mountain Chapter - staffing focused more on developing our activist base and providing our volunteers with the support they need to be effective advocates for Colorado's environment. Two full time positions have been created - a Chapter Coordinator and a Chapter Director. 

The Chapter Coordinator will handle the daily administrative operations of the Chapter office and will act as the information center for the Chapter. The Chapter Coordinator will assist the groups, sections and Chapter committees in the recruitment and organizing of volunteers by coordinating volunteer development programs, recruiting and organizing volunteers, referring interested members to appropriate volunteer leaders, and implementing programs and activities as determined by the ExComm to enhance member effectiveness and involvement. 

We just recently recruited a Chapter Coordinator for the RMC. She has been employed in our Chapter office for two months. Her name is Andrea Knutson. Andrea has worked for the past two years as a Conservation Coordinator in the Sierra Club regional office in Sheridan, Wyoming. Her family recently moved to the Denver area. She has A.S. and A.A. degrees from Sheridan College, and she has completed the Sierra Club Organizer training. Her background is ideally suited to the position of Rocky Mountain Chapter Coordinator. 

Andrea is in the office from 8:30am to 5:00pm. If you call or come into the office, please welcome her. 

The Chapter Director will implement policies and programs adopted by the Chapter Executive Committee and will assist the Chapter Executive Committee in developing goals, strategies and programs. The Chapter Director will manage the operations of the Chapter and its groups and sections in the areas of conservation programs, legislative programs, fundraising, media relations, and volunteer development and member services. The Chapter Director will develop working relationships with volunteer Chapter leaders, other organizations, government officials, elected officials and the media. The Chapter Director will be responsible for managing the staff and financial resources for these assigned areas. 

We are currently interviewing candidates to fill this position and expect to have our new Chapter Director on board by mid-December. 

We would like our staff to be able to provide our members and volunteers with as much assistance as possible, but please remember that once our Chapter Director is hired, the Rocky Mountain Chapter will still have just two staff persons working for our 15,000 member organization. The demands on their time will be considerable. Priority items will be addressed first, so if you need particular staff assistance on a matter which is within their job descriptions, please allow adequate lead time to insure that your request can be completed on time. 

This new staffing configuration represents a bold step forward in implementing our vision of the Chapter as a major force in shaping our state's future and in keeping Colorado wild, and we are excited about the possibilities it opens up to us.

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