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October / November 1999


A Big  Thank You to All Our Contributors

Thank You! for your generous donations to the Chapter's annual fund appeal. We have now received over $28,000, a new record for our appeal. This show of support means that our regular legislative and conservation programs can continue, and we are also able to fund a number of special projects around the state. We have received donations from 660 members in addition to the people listed below. We would particularly like to acknowledge the following Sustainers of Colorado:

Sangre de Cristos Level ($1000-1499) 
Dorothy Pearson

San Juan Level ($500-999)
Wayne Angevine
Kirk Cunningham
Mary Pennock
Larry Sherwood

Collegiate Range Level ($250-499)
Robert & Ann Murtha

Medicine Bow Range Level ($100-249)
Grace Arter
Gerald & Teresa Audesirk
John Belz
David Bratt
James Bryant
Caleb Burchenal
Deborah Carstensen
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Clark III
Constance Crocker
Glenn Derussy
Ken Duncan
Jan Erickson
Barbara Esses
Olga Faller
Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Harold
Carmen Johnson
Maxine Johnson
Vaughan Kendall
Jane Lewenthal
Bruce Luer
Richard Mockler
Houston Morrow
Sandy Nervig
Julia Portmore
Steve & Dottie Resnick
Barry Satlow
Stan Siefer
Louisa Stark & David Mastronarde
Gordon Stonington
Neil Sullivan
Mary Tarr
Diane Uren
Lynn Walz
Christopher Walzer
Alan Weil
Anonymous (18)

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