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October / November 1999


Guanella Pass 
There's Still Time to Help


The comment period on the Guanella Pass Road Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) has been extended to October 15, 1999. So, if summer fun caused you to miss the first deadline of August 30, you can still send in your opinion of this massive federal project.

In the Draft EIS, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) outlines five alternatives for improving this unique backcountry byway. Their alternatives range from doing nothing ("No Action") to paving and widening the entire road. Problem is, all four of their "Action" alternatives go way too far. The Mount Evans Group of the Sierra Club's proposal to make less drastic improvements (the "Sierra Club Alternative") is summarily dismissed in the document.

However, hundreds of people have now told the FHWA that they want the road to either be left alone or only minimally approved (similar to the Sierra Club Alternative). The fact that public opinion can have an effect on a project is proved by the Feds' reaction: They've actually asked Mt. Evans Group members to go over the road with them and explain the Sierra Club Alternative. Additional letters may help them to grasp just how strongly people feel about this project.

Suggestions for comments are posted on the Mt. Evans Group's website at, or call Lyn Yarroll at 303-838-8117 for a written copy. A copy of the draft EIS is posted on the FHWA's website, at

Please send comments to: Richard Cushing, Environmental Planning Engineer, Federal Highway Administration, Central Federal Lands Highwa Division, 555 Zang St., Mail Room 259, Lakewood, Colorado 80228. Again, comments are due October 15, 1999.

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