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October / November 1999


From the Chair
Mapping the Future of the Rocky Mountain Chapter

by Greg Casini, RMC Chair

Colorado faces critical choices about its future—decisions that will directly affect our environment and the quality of our lives for decades to come. Likewise, with an increasingly anti-environmental legislature, the Rocky Mountain Chapter also faces important choices about its future. It is more important than ever that the Sierra Club be able to effect changes in public policy and increase support among the public and elected officials for measures that will protect Colorado’s clean air, clean water and wild places. 

During the past six months, our Chapter Vitality Committee and Chapter Executive Committee have been examining the strengths and weaknesses of our Chapter, considering present and future trends in Colorado that will affect our organization and the environment, selecting directions for the future, and creating workplans and goals. 

Using this process we aim to develop a strategic action plan for the Rocky Mountain Chapter and its local groups through the year 2000—a guiding vision and written plan for chapter development that will help our local groups and Chapter committees build their organizational capacity, and will facilitate cooperative campaigns between our groups and committees on shared issues. 

Since assuming the position of Chapter Chair in January, I have attempted to transform the work of the Chapter Executive Committee so that this committee can focus more on determining policy and planning for the future. It is important that each year in October the ExComm initiate a participatory process to develop an annual and long-range plan including both conservation priorities and organizational development priorities. The revised annual plan and budget will then be adopted at the January meeting. 

During the weekend of October 9 and 10, 1999, our Chapter Executive Committee will gather for its quarterly meeting. Among other business, we will be mapping out the future of the Sierra Club in Colorado. Through this process, we will develop a strategic action plan for the Rocky Mountain Chapter and its local groups for the coming year. 

The Rocky Mountain Chapter is now 15,000 strong. Our members have a diversity of backgrounds and a wealth of knowledge and experience that can make a valuable contribution to this planning process. I want to encourage your participation. Please contact our Chapter office with your ideas for making our Chapter a more effective advocate for Colorado’s environment, including how we can: 

The future of the Rocky Mountain Chapter is in all our hands. Please share in this process!

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