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August / September 1999


Altair Energy Brings Solar Electricity To Colorado Residents And Schools

Altair Energy, of Golden, is helping Public Service Company of Colorado bring solar electricity to interested Coloradans and schools. 

Since last August, Altair Energy has installed solar electric or PV (photovoltaic) systems on 18 homes and 22 schools throughout Colorado. The company has a contract with Public Service Company of Colorado to market its unregulated “Solarsource” program. Altair Energy also has a contract with the utility’s Renewable Energy Trust to install PV systems on roughly 30 schools throughout the state as part of the Trust’s Solar for Schools program.

Unlike the solar hot water systems frequently seen on the rooftops of Colorado homes, PV systems convert sunlight into electricity. Customers typically connect their PV system to the power grid because Public Service Company of Colorado will buy back any excess power generated.

Altair Energy president Kirk Stokes attributes much of the company’s success to their concept of offering turn-key, packaged systems to utility customers. “We offer utility customers an easy way to produce and store a portion or even all of their electricity from a clean source that is good for the environment,” says Stokes. 

The company is among the first of its kind in the nation, offering full solar electric service that includes financing and warranties, extended maintenance contracts and utility-approved installations through local licensed contractors. 

For more information about Solarsource or the Solar Schools program, call Altair Energy at 1-800-836-8951.

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