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August / September 1999


Decision Near on Aggregate Quarry Bordering Eldorado State Park

The Rail Line Quarry rezoning proposal is still being considered by the Jefferson County Planning Commission. The plan would allow the development and operation of a highly-visible, 168 acre open-pit quarry and rock crushing plant in a now forested tributary of Eldorado Canyon, adjacent to Eldorado Canyon State Park, Jefferson and Boulder County Open Space, and in proximity to established communities in both counties. Although the quarry operation itself would be in Jefferson County, many of the most severe impacts would be felt in Boulder County, because the proposed site is in a north-facing tributary of South Boulder Creek. Environmental degradation caused by noise, air and water pollution would heavily impact the State Park. Other surrounding open space and parks, as well as residents of Flagstaff Mountain, Eldorado Springs, and Crescent Park would also be affected. 

Homeowner associations and environmental groups in both counties vigorously oppose the proposed mine and continue raising funds to help identify and document impacts from the quarry. Sierra Club members to throughout Colorado are asked to join in expressing opposition to this plan for large-scale open-pit-mining in the middle of this unique open-space and parks corridor. 

Letters expressing the incompatibility of the proposed zoning change should be sent to Lor Pellegrino, Case Manager, Jefferson County Planning and Zoning, 100 Jefferson County Parkway, Suite 3550, Golden, CO 80419. 

The next and perhaps last hearing for public comment will take place on August 11, at 1:30 PM at the Jeffco Center, hearing room 1. Also of interest regarding the quarry proposal is the Boulder Creek Watershed Forum on July 28 at 7:00 PM at the Boulder Public Library. Forum Participants will include representatives from the Asphalt Paving Company, Eldorado Canyon State Park, Crescent Park Homeowners Association, Citizens for Eldorado Canyon, Jefferson County Planning and Zoning, and Boulder County. 

A separate fund has been established for opposing the rezoning. Contributions may be mailed to Rick Overmeyer, Treasurer, Crescent Park Land and Homeowners Association, 29971 Seaver Drive, Golden, CO 80403. For further information visit websites and or contact Citizens for Eldorado Canyon at 303-543-9936.

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