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June / July 1999



Rocky Mountain Chapter Member Interest Survey

Please clip out this form and mail it to: Volunteer Development Committee, Sierra Club, 1410 Grant Street, Suite B-205, Denver, CO 80203.


Phone (daytime)  __________________________________________________________ 


Phone (evening)____________________________________________________________


Zip (+four)__________________________________________


Occupation/Educational background_____________________________________________



Yes, Id like to participate in the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Sierra Club
A volunteer leader from each category you indicate will contact you, so please check only those areas in which you are most interested.

Id like to work on the following conservation committees:

___Contacting legislators / reviewing legislation / attending hearings ___Wildlife
___Volunteer development ___Agriculture
___Membership development ___Growth, sprawl, and land use planning
___New member orientation ___Urban open space
___Outreach / program development ___Water quality
___Media relations / publicity ___Water resources (rivers, dams)
___Outings leader or coordinator ___Water quality
___Outdoor service projects ___Pesticides
___Coordinator or leader of outings for inner city kids ___Wilderness and public lands
___Computers / Web site ___Energy
___Fundraising activities ___Lifestyles education
___ Grant writing ___Mining
___Office help (Denver office) ___Population
___Data entry / word processing ___Transportation
___Public speaking / environmental education ___Monitoring of federal facilities
___Staffing booths at community events ___Environmental justice
___Planning the annual Chapter retreat ___Hazardous materials / toxics
___Distribution of Sierra Club materials
___Working on the Chapter or local group newsletter

I have special skills, knowledge, or experience I am able to contribute as a Sierra Club volunteer: ____________________________


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