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June / July 1999


“No Pesticides” Yard Signs Available

Spring and summer are busy times for pesticide applicators in Colorado, and a time of apprehension for those concerned about threats to human health and the natural environment from plant and animal control chemicals.

Efforts to reduce the toxicity and  use of pesticides are taking place on the national, state, and local levels. Not everyone can get involved in these campaigns, but there is something simple you can do to protect your living spaces and yourself - post a Sierra Club “No Pesticides” yard sign on your property.

 The Sierra Club of Canada has produced such signs as part of its campaign to reduce the “cosmetic” use of pesticides in urban areas. The sign is made of sturdy, corrugated plastic,  measures 81/2 x 11”, and has green letters on an orange background saying “NO PESTICIDES. I LOVE MY FAMILY AND THE ENVIRONMENT MORE THAN MY LAWN.”


 Click here to discover how to get yourself a sign.

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