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June / July 1999


Retired Sierrans Can Help!

by Kyra Epstein,P&P Staff


The Sierra Club has many older members. Sometimes these Sierrans want to help but feel that they can’t because they aren’t as mobile as they used to be, don’t have computers or Internet hookup or don’t have the right expertise or information.

Joan Seeman, Pollution Committee convener, wants older Sierrans to know that they can be of help and are needed. “We want to help share our knowledge and find issues that will touch their hearts and use their expertise,” said Seeman. “Boy have we got a list of issues that we can sign volunteers up to help with right away.”Shattuck Superfund site in Denver is a 15-foot-high, football field-sized pile of radioactive waste.

Sometimes, said Seeman, people don’t know how much power they have as a single individual. Sierrans of all ages can do research, make phone calls or write letters. They don’t have to go to a lot of meetings, and they don’t need a computer.

Pat Smith is a new volunteer. She is a retired editor who worked 18 years for the Society of Range Management. With expertise in hydrology, entomology, pesticides, herbicides and plants, she’s a valuable person to have on the pollution committee.

But she doesn’t have a computer and she’s not as active as she used to be. “I have knees that are not user friendly—I can’t do too active of things,” she said. “It’s not easy to find ways to help if you aren’t as active or hooked up to the computer.”

Smith is currently helping Seeman with a project near her home in Littleton. A local gas station leaked, contaminating a nearby pond, and Smith is checking to see what has been done with the pond. Seeman wants her to research the issue and give her recommendations as to the next step to take.

Seeman is working on many other pollution-related issues. She and other volunteers track progress at the Shattuck Superfund site and the Lowry Landfill and are working on the issue of radioactive waste scheduled for transfer to Last Chance, Colorado. 

If you are a Sierran of any age who wants to help, let Joan Seeman know at 303-738-8407 or call the Sierra Club Office at 303-861-8819.

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