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June / July 1999


Reach all Sierra Club Members in Colorado— Advertise Today. Locate interested consumers with our Peak & Prairie classified advertisements. Share information on products and services­ , many of which benefit the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Sierra Club. Readers often support our advertisers.


To place a classified ad:

Write your ad, with 35 characters, spaces or punctuation per line. Each line $5, with four lines as the minimum order ($20). Discounts are available for repeat ads. Please specify the category.

Classified text for submission must include the company name, and include a check payable to Sierra Club. Send order to: Michael Reis, Advertising Manager, Sierra Club RMC, 1410 Grant #B-205, Denver, CO 80203. For more information call 303-861-8819.



Your ad here. Describe your product with eye catching words and describe a variety of products that are good for our environment—appealing to a professional, well educated group of environmentally minded club members. Call Michael Reis, 303-861-8819.


ATTENTION RAFTERS! Got permit for Deso/Gray 7/19. Need another raft & capt. 303-922-3425; (private-not SC-trip)


"ECO-LIVING GUIDE" is hot off the press. The newest expanded compilation of "Eco-Lifestyle Bits"featuring hundreds of earth friendly ideas from the Lifestyle/Ed Committee. Informative sections on gardening, composting and CSAs; safer cleaning products, non-toxic alternatives; diet and the environment; energy, water and resource conservation; ridding your life of junk mail, precycling, simple gifts, connecting with nature, and much much more. 50pp. Send check payable to Sierra Club, $5 each, EcoLiving /Sierra Club, 1410 Grant #B-205, Denver 80203


UTNE'S Y2K CITIZEN'S ACTION GUIDE. Be prepared for any anything. Learn about building community, tips toward sustainability and self-reliance. Help us fund-raise & save! $4 includes postage & tax.

Send check payable to Sierra Club, Y2K Guide /Sierra Club, 1410 Grant #B-205, Denver 80203


LIMITED COPIES OF THE DREAM OF THE EARTH by Thomas Berry ($12.00) and Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind, $15.00. Fund-raiser for the Chapter, includes postage and tax. Call our office first to reserve your copy: 303-861-8819.


ALL CONSUMING PASSION: Waking Up From The American Dream, Joe Dominguez, Vicki Robin; This informative booklet from The New Road Map Foundation tells the dramatic story of how our patterns of consumption affect our personal lives, the lives of other human beings and the environment. $1.50 each, Consuming /Sierra Club, 1410 Grant #B-205, Denver 80203


FREE WATER BOTTLES  Sierra Club Operation Reuse redistributes sterile water bottles from area hospitals. Lightweight plastic & perfect for hiking, or any outdoor activity. Various sizes & shapes, 1 liter to 2 liter. Bulk orders 303-789-1043 or pick a few up at the Chapter office 303-861-8819.

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