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June / July 1999


Environmental Justice Committee


Environmental Justice (EJ) is a community-based activism which empowers  people to take control over environmental issues affecting their lives. Pollution  prevention should become everyone’s priority because it helps put an end to environmental problems before they are even created, and it benefits all people.

The EJ Committee has two functions within the Rocky Mountain Chapter of The Sierra Club:  First, we identify issues that disproportionately affect low-income neighborhoods and communities of color. Industry has a history of locating hazardous facilities within such communities because they assume that these residents lack the political clout to fight back. The EJ Committee works to educate our members and the public and to lend support to affected individuals and communities. To these ends, we network with local EJ organizations, such as COPEEN (Colorado People’s Environmental and Economic Network) or La Sierra Foundation and assist with lobbying and litigation.

Second, the EJ Committee acts as a watchdog for other Rocky Mountain Chapter committees.  Because the Sierra Club is a grassroots volunteer organization, the EJ Committee attempts to keep communication channels  open with all its members and with our community. 


Current Efforts/Aspirations


How to get involved:

Contact Kathy Glatz, 303- 922-3425, or to volunteer to join this fledgling committee.


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