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June / July 1999




by Greg Casini, RMC Chair


 We hear the term “smart growth” a lot these days. It was originally coined by Governor Romer to describe the kind of growth he could support. Not surprisingly, every developer since then has come out in favor of smart growth. Of course they have. Who would go on the record as opposing something labeled “smart”? There’s just one problem—they neglect to state what sort of growth they consider smart. That’s not surprising either. From the perspective of most developers, all growth, by definition, is smart.

With Colorado’s population increasing at the third highest rate in the country, with agricultural land and wildlife habitat being lost at an alarming rate, with traffic congestion and commuting times getting worse by the week—it’s time for Colorado to not only define smart growth, but to insist on it.

How do we establish criteria for what constitutes smart growth? I suggest asking the residents of Colorado—the very people whose lives are being affected on a daily basis by the growth and development that is occurring all around them. Any type of growth that is smart for Colorado will also be good for our families and our future.

Is the type of growth and development that is happening in your community benefiting your family and your future? Take the smart growth test to find out. Answer yes or no to each question, then add the number of positive responses.



Is the growth and development that is occurring around you:


How did your community score?

25-30       Just where in Western Europe do you live?

19-24       Don’t tell anyone where you live - they’ll move there in droves!

13-18       Become active in the Sierra Club - there’s real hope for your community!

7-12         May I suggest a relocation service?

0-6      And you thought you left Los Angeles for good!

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