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June / July 1999


From the Peak


From Peak & Prairie Staff…

by Kyra Epstein

 Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Sierra Club. Just like many of the other committees and groups that work on Sierra Club issues, the Peak & Prairie is completely staffed by volunteers. We’ve made a big commitment to improving the newsletter—changing the way it looks, appealing to a wider readership with additional kinds of stories and trying to improve the quality and length of the writing.

It all takes time. Frankly, sometimes we all look at each other and can’t believe we’ve taken on such a big job  (for free J). But, little by little, we’re improving Peak & Prairie to serve you, our members statewide. Hopefully, you’ll continue to find it informational, interesting and inspiring. And as always, we welcome suggestions, letters to the editor and submissions.

But what we really need are volunteers. It’s definitely a commitment, but it’s not overwhelming in the scope of what we are trying to do: get the word out about what’s happening to our planet. And no matter where your expertise or interest lies, there are dozens of committee chairs who would be overjoyed to find you a job that fits within your time schedule.

There are so many Sierra Club members out there with talent, experience and passion for what the Sierra Club represents! We hope to see you soon.

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