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April / May 1999


From the Heart

Another new P&P column, From the Heart, is our attempt at thanking the many people who give so much of their time to the Sierra Club. If you’d like to thank someone, send in your thank you messages to the editor at Thanks to all of you . . . From the Heart.

The ICO group would like to thank Kurt Aronow for setting up and running a successful 1999 ICO Retreat and also thank all of the certified leaders and interested volunteers who attended.

Kevin Knappmiller has been the chair of the Blue River Group in Summit, Grand and Eagle Counties for the last year and also sits on one of the Summit County advisory boards. Kevin is very knowledgeable about environmental issues. He spearheaded the Blue River Group’s involvement in a number of land use issues in an area that has seen virtually unfettered and damaging growth due to ski area expansion (mostly) in the last few years, aided and abetted by the Forest Service.

As an independent businessman in Frisco, he has flexibility of schedule and freedom from local economic pressure that allows him to speak out against local developments that threaten the natural environment and human quality of life in the area. Kevin is what I would call the quintessential Sierra Club activist. If the Club had 1000 more like him, we could rule the world.

Some people just don’t quit, even when confronted by tedious but necessary tasks that would drive other people nuts. Angela Medbery has been a (and often the only) chapter leader in the areas of recycling, pesticides, toxics and weeds for a minimum of 20 years. She has acquired a mountain of lore on those subjects over the years and is happy to impart her knowledge to Sierra Club members, the general public and elected officials at every opportunity. In addition to this issue work, she has handled circulation for the Peak and Prairie for many years, an often thankless task. She is one of the people that defines the Sierra Club in Colorado.

Many people despise financial matters. We may even refer to people who work on them as "beancounters." In a chapter with two paid staff and a $120,000+ budget each year, which is perennially tight, we would have fallen into serious disarray years ago if it were not for Dave Mastronarde and Mark Collier. They have reorganized our finances, straightened out our books, standardized our fund-raising program, prepared sensible budgets, helped out with many other administrative tasks in the chapter, and still have retained their activism and sense of humor. They help keep other activists sane by attending to things that drive them insane. Thanks, Dave and Mark.

A hearty thank you to Don Thompson and Jan Oen for all their hard work picking up trash and taking care of the trees and bushes on the Cherry Creek bike path from Colfax to Larimer.

And a final thank you to all of the unnamed heroes out in the trenches doing the work that will keep our environment safe both now and in the future.