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Rocky Mountain Chapter's
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April / May 1999


Make a Difference

Volunteers Needed for Spring 1999

by Greg Casini, RMC Chair


The Rocky Mountain Chapter is a truly grassroots organization. All officers and chairs are volunteers. We are simply the voice of the people who give a damn about the environment. We offer opportunities that will enrich your skills, widen your network of friends, and even look good on your resume. All will help the Sierra Club achieve its goals. To find out more about becoming a Sierra Club volunteer, fill out the member survey in this issue or call Mary Romano at 303-861-2844.

Here’s a look at the volunteers we need for Spring 1999:

Web Site Team

Webpage layout and design opportunities available. Good entry level position to become familiar with the world wide web, how to create and upload pages. No experience needed. We will help you learn webpage design or develop any missing skills. Work from home in your spare time and make a difference for our members and the public.


Membership Development Te a m

Help us reach our membership goal of 20,000 by 2000. We will be developing a comprehensive plan for member recruitment and retention throughout Colorado. Work with local groups and issue committees to integrate membership strategies into their activities and campaigns, and coordinate the distribution of Sierra Club materials.


New Member Orientation Team

Letting a new member know they are welcome has a long lasting impact. How we welcome new members varies, from mailing welcome packets to sharing with new members the opportunities the Sierra Club offers. Creative entry level positions.


Program Development/Outreach

It may be surprising to know many people have never heard of the Sierra Club or John Muir. This is a great opportunity to plan upcoming events, arrange for speakers, provide event information and interact with the public at community events.


Volunteer Development Team

You can be the critical link between our volunteers and the tasks for which we need their help. Work with the leadership to tap into the strength of the membership and provide members with opportunities to contribute their most precious gifts: their time and talent.


Legislative Activist Network

We’re looking for a group of people to work actively with our Legislative Coordinator on key issues during the legislative session. Opportunities include defining legislative priorities, reviewing bills, contacting legislators, writing letters to the editor and working on issues. If you’re interested in learning about and influencing legislative policy, this is the volunteer opportunity for you.


Media Relations

There are times when various conservation committees need to issue press releases and general notices to a variety of media contacts in Colorado. We currently need help with updating a central media contact file; preparing a standard format for press releases for the Chapter; and coordinating press releases and interviews.


Other Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities:

Outings Leaders and Assistants
Workshop Instructors and Coordinators
Computer/Website Team
Office Assistants
Inner City Outings Program
Fundraising Team
Planning the Annual Chapter Retreat
And of course, the heart and soul of the Sierra Club: our Conservation Issue Committees. Thanks for your help.