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Rocky Mountain Chapter's
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April / May 1999


Shade-Grown Coffee Supports Wildlife

by Fran Baxter

The method of growing coffee affects the world population of songbirds. As coffee growers have removed more trees to grow coffee for the U.S. market, songbirds have had a major loss of habitat. There is a better way. Shade-grown coffee saves trees and thus the songbird habitat.

Growing premium coffee while protecting tropical forests in and around coffee farms is the goal of a new partnership between Starbucks and Conservation International (CI). The 3-year partnership, which was announced at the Starbucks Annual Meeting, will promote environmentally sound methods of growing coffee and will provide economic opportunities for small farmers.

What you can do:

Show your support for shade- grown coffee by asking for organic, shade-grown coffee at Starbucks and other coffee houses. Look for organic, shade-grown coffee at your local markets. Alfalfa’s will order shade-grown coffee in bulk for your church or office.