Peak & Prairie

Rocky Mountain Chapter's
Online Newsletter
April / May 1999



Edited by Vincent Piturro, Editorial Staff, Peak & Prairie

Welcome to the Peak and Prairie Poetry Page (where every submission is not sub-missive.) We will accept submissions for every issue, with just a few restrictions: Please limit your poems to not longer than 30 lines in length, and consult with the Earth before writing. Send your poems via email to Vincent Piturro at, or for more information on joining the ranks of Frost, Byron and Ginsberg, please call Vincent at 303-534-7780.


The River Lethe

If I could drink once
From the River Lethe
I would choose me
I would choose my life

The roads I’ve travelled
People I’ve touched
Touch me and held
My thoughts and my dreams

Sands I’ve dug my feet into
Mountains I’ve climbed and felt
City steel I’ve caressed
Wandered through a nomad

Love I’ve felt
Grown and tried to understand
Given and given
Seen twisted and then nurtured

I would choose my life
Mistakes blown by the wind
Sun - Bathed
In love and friendship.

Vinnie Piturro



Just at Sunrise
Above the City
The sad faces of Trees

Scot Sickbert