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April / May 1999


Volunteers Needed for Colorado Canyon Country Wilderness Mapping Project

By Kurt Kunkle
Colorado Environmental Coalition


We need your help with the Canyon Country Mapping Project. You’ll have the opportunity to explore and protect the land. Inspiration from red rock desert canyons and pinyon juniper covered plateaus will last a lifetime.

The Colorado Wilderness Network has kicked off a campaign to promote the Citizens Wilderness Proposal. The proposal, sponsored by Diana DeGette (D-CO), will protect 1.4 million acres of Colorado’s Canyon Country as Wilderness.

An important part of the campaign, and an opportunity for you to get involved, is the Canyon Country Wilderness Mapping Project. Volunteers will visit the land in the Citizens Wilderness proposal and gather information on wilderness characteristics and/or boundary locations.

Wilderness Characteristic surveys are fun and fairly simple to do. On these surveys, volunteers will hike into the areas and document ‘Wilderness Qualities’ with photos and words. This information will be used to support the fact that Citizens Wilderness Proposal does indeed have Wilderness qualities.

Boundary surveys are more complicated and time-intensive. They involve traveling around the unit and documenting the man-made features that define the unit. Volunteers will need to map locations of impacts and photographs precisely on a 7.5 minute topo map. This information will be used to defend the boundaries and monitor impacts, ensuring that these areas do not lose their Wilderness Characteristics. These volunteers will need to attend a training session.

If you have already visited places in the Citizens Wilderness Proposal, the CEC would like to put you on the activist list. They will send you action alerts and updates. Your experience in these places lends needed credibility to your action letters and phone calls.

To volunteer contact Kurt Kunkle at 970-243-0002, or call our Denver Office at 303-534-7066.


Scheduled Training Dates
(Training is all day in the field.)

March 27 - South Shale Ridge
(Grand Junction)

April 3 - Adobe Badlands

April 10 - Weber Mtn.
(Durango, Cortez)

April 25 - Beaver Creek

May 15 - Pinon Ridge

June 5 - Thompson Creek
(Glenwood Springs)

June 6 - Bull Gulch

June 26 - Powderhorn