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April / May 1999 and Sierra Club Join Forces

by Charlie Oriez, South Platte ExCom Delegate and Webmaster


Looking for just the right book on Colorado trails? Want the latest book by Mark Pearson and John Fielder? Or is there a book that has nothing to do with the outdoors, Colorado, or the environment that is on your shopping list this week? Now, you can buy your books and help the Sierra Club too, even if the book has nothing to do with the environment.

The Sierra Club web page at now offers books in association with Amazon books. We’ve found the books; Amazon will deliver them to your door. Best of all, 5 to 15 percent of the price of each book comes back to the Sierra Club for local use. The featured books this month are the guide to Colorado’s BLM river canyons, written by the Rocky Mountain Chapter’s own Mark Pearson, with photos by John Fielder, and Washington Online: How to Access the Federal Government via the Internet.

We’ve also built a search engine on our page that will find the author, subject or title you want in Amazon’s stacks, and give you the opportunity to buy it. Students going back to school should price their text books here before buying them at the college book store. Often a new text book bought through the Amazon/Sierra Club book store costs the same as a used book bought at school. And buying it through our page supports the Sierra Club financially. When buying multiple books, note that you must start the search or selection process for each book from our page for us to get the revenue.

As Groucho Marx once said, "Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it is too dark to read." Support the Sierra Club and read something.


Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn, $11.16

Colorado’s Canyon Country: A Guide to Hiking and Floating BLM Wildlands, by Mark Pearson and John Fielder, $15.96

Both now available on the Rocky Mountain Chapter webpage at