Peak & Prairie

Rocky Mountain Chapter's
Online Newsletter
April / May 1999


From the Peak

A New Look, Renewed Energy


by Kevin Mackessy, Editor, P&P


Welcome to the new Peak & Prairie. Hope you like the new look. We now have an energetic new staff in place which will reach out to Sierra Club members through-out Colorado. The P&P belongs to all of us. We want to be the voice for activists and concerned people throughout the state. We’ve also started several new columns which I’ll talk about in a minute. (And remember to get your contributions in on time. It’ll be a big help to us.)

Editorial Contacts

If you notice the box on the left, each of our local groups has been assigned to a member of the editorial staff. In addition, each editor has been given several areas of concern to the club. If you have an article to submit, or even an idea, get in touch with your contact editor and talk things over. We can help you write or just get organized. We are also trying to put together a network of photographers so that you can call us for photo support as well. (So if you’re a photographer, and would like to be on our resource list, drop me an email.)

New Columns

As for the new columns, you’re reading one now, From the Peak. We will feature one of our editors each issue writing about topics of interest. We’ve also recent-ly started a poetry page, now called Reflections, which will showcase poetry from our members. Got verse? Send your best stuff to Vinnie Piturro. Many of us often reflect the spiritual side of our cause. To highlight matters in this area we present Meditations, which will deal with eco-spirituality themes. Contact Kyra Epstein to find out more.

Volunteers Make the Difference

Many of you toil out there for the love of the environment or animals or wilder-ness. And though most of us take pleasure in the intrinsic value of these efforts, it’s nice to get a pat on the back now and then. So we offer From the Heart, our shot at thanking the many silent warriors among us. If you know a person who deserves our thanks, drop an email to Holly Betts. We also changed the Grassroots section to Make a Difference. Here you can find all the important areas where we need help. Check each individual item for contact information. (Then look for your name to appear in From the Heart.) We also plan to do a series of articles on the many hard-working volunteers throughout the state. If you’d like to see your favorite environmentalist featured in a P&P Volunteer Profile, send an email to me. If you want, we’ll contact the person, do an interview, and write the profile. Really. We will.

Read a Good Book Lately?

Another section we hope to emphasize is the Book Review section. Read a good book? Send us a short (400 words or less) review. We’ll share the good—or bad—word with everyone. And speaking of books, check out the article on pg. 3 about our new partnership with books. Hard working Vinnie is also launching a Restaurant Review section to high-light some fine eateries about town. Find out about The Rialto on page 7. Want to share a treasured bistro? Send Vinnie your reviews (400 words or less) via email.

And there you have it. A little some-thing for everyone. Enjoy.