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50 year old retired pilot can share flying gas & company. Self-sufficient for hours or days on arrival, available most anytime Jeff Kurtz, 303-554-6602, 303-517-6431 (cel)


Sierra Super Store

ARE YOU SUFFERING CALENDAR WITHDRAWL? Does the calendar from Pete's Garage just not compare with a classic Sierra Club Wilderness Calendar? It's not too late! Benefit Sierra Club conservation and education projects here in Colorado. On sale at 25% off! Call 303-861- 8819.

Try BookDarts—Great stocking stuffer for any reader! Unobtrusive, reuseable thin metal page-place markers. Fundraiser for Lifestyle / Ed Committee. Pkg of 10. Send $2 to Bookdarts / Sierra Club RMC, 1410 Grant Street, Ste B205, Denver, CO 80203.

Eco-Kitchen Handbook a compilation of the best eco-tips & earth friendly ideas from the Lifestyle / Ed Committee. Send $3 to EcoKitchen / Sierra Club RMC, 1410 Grant Street, Ste B205, Denver, CO 80203.

Free Water Bottles Sierra Club Operation Reuse redistributes sterile water bottles from area hospitals. Lightweight plastic & perfect for hiking, or any outdoor activity. Many sizes & shapes, 1-2 liter. Bulk orders 303-789-1043 or pick up at Chapter office, 303-861-8819.