The Peak & Prairie Poetry Page


One Hiker’s Soliloquy

by Roger Shaw

I come to the trail to submerge into wide meadows and quiet forests,
To marvel at the smallest flower, the greatest tree and all things in-between,
To feel the coolness of the tiniest rivulets and the vigorous young streams,
To enjoy the passage of the rock under my feet and the vistas of distant crags,
To thrill at the scolding squirrel and the rare view of bounding deer and stalwart moose.

I come to the meadows knowing that their grasses will dazzle my eyes in wind-driven dance,
That their flowers will leave me in awe for their wonderous hues and shapes and abundance,
That their boulders, far from their source, will bring visions of glacier and avalanche,
That their wide open sweeps will intensify the feeling of space, of joy with all the rest.

I come to the forest to silently cheer on the seedling, still dwarfed by the nearby grasses,
To salute with the upward sweep of my gaze the towering giants, centuries in the making,
To gape at the shades of gray and rust with which nature paints the remains of the fallen,
To even celebrate the vibrant life on the forest floor, so often forgotten for bigger things.

I come to the high places to try once again to imagine the meaning of the distant views,
To revel in the sensation of majesty and freedom wrought by ranks of rocky ridges and peaks,
To enjoy lunch while marveling at the tiny but energetic life bursting even among the stones,
To say once more, tho it’s a matter of importance only to the hiker, "I made it!"





by Mary Romano

Earth keepers awake!
wise, responsible living
brings lasting beauty

Hawk soars high above
while mouse builds a new grass nest.
Keep your eyes open!





by Vinnie Piturro

Good morning twinkling city
Shrouded in orange, blue, and red
Lines of cattle symphonically waltzing
Blinking in white and red
I strain to follow the rising light
Concrete and Steel
Seem to block my view
I yearn to move to higher ground
As your smile extends over the earth
We lock ourselves inside, then,
Trading our hours
For a handful of pennies
My time may be here, now
My mind is with you