Chapter Awards Presented to Distinguished Group

by Barry Satlow, Chapter Awards Chair

Last fall the Sierra Club gave its highest Colorado honor, the Columbine Award, to U.S. Rep. David Skaggs of Boulder (see story page xx). The chapter awards committee gave out two years worth of awards, making up for the lack of awards in 1996, when there was neither a chapter retreat nor an awards banquet. The awards given in 1997 were for 1996.

Awards were presented to the following people:

Professional Conservationist of the Year: Brian Mohr, Sierra Club SW Regional Office staff, who organized Club volunteers for the Guide the Ride campaign in 1997 (and the Udall campaign in 1998), 1997. Rocky Smith, former Colorado Environmental Coalition public lands specialist, 1998. Rocky’s award, presented at the CEC open house last year, was for his many years of brilliant service to Colorado’s environment, and the two award years could easily have been reversed.

Volunteer Conservationist of the Year: Richard Wahl, Boulder County, for leading the fight against the sprawling Jefferson Center project, 1998.

Rocky Mountain Chapter Conservationist of the Year: Jim Decker, chair of the Weminuche Group, Durango, who has led the fight against the Animas-La Plata water project for many years, 1997.

Leader of the Year, 1998: Lyn Yarroll, chair of the Mt. Evans Group, Evergreen, who put together the chapter leader directory; Peggy Malchow, perhaps the ideal chapter vice chair.

Distinguished Service Award, 1998: Angela Medbery, long-time chapter pesticides chair and circulation manager of Peak & Prairie; Steve Glazer, chapter water resources chair and chair of the Club’s national Colorado River Task Force; Bill Myers, chapter Metro air quality chair.

Certificate of Appreciation, 1998: Greg Casini, chair of the new Gay & Lesbian Sierrans Section; Sue Scheppler, Gary Matthews, Lara Juliusson, Debbie Robes, GLS leaders; Mike Smith, chapter wildlife chair, 1998

Legislator of the Year, 1997-98: Sen. Bill Thiebaut, Pueblo (Sangre de Cristo Group), six-year average score on Sierra Club environmental measures: 98%; Sen. Doug Linkhart, Denver (Enos Mills Group), five-year combined Senate-House average score: 93%.

Freshman Legislator of the Year, 1997-98: State Sen. Terry Phillips, Louisville (IPG); two-year average 92%.

The class elected in 1996, especially in the State House of Representatives, was outstanding, with these seven legislators listed below all averaging over 90%. Udall, who as a freshman in the minority party got several pro-environment bills passed, graduated: Strongly backed by the Sierra Club, he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, for the seat David Skaggs held for 12 years.

State Rep. Dan Grossman, Denver (EMG); 97%; Rep. Mark Udall, Boulder (IPG), 97%; Rep. Jennifer Veiga, Denver & Englewood (EMG & South Platte Group), 96%; Rep. Penfield Tate, Denver (EMG), 94%; Rep. Bob Bacon, Fort Collins (Poudre Canyon Group), 93%; Rep. Paul Zimmerman, Thornton (IPG & EMG), 93%.

The Sierra Club groups represented by these legislators were given the award certificates last fall for presentation in the legislator’s home districts. Under chapter rules the legislative award winners are chosen jointly by the awards committee and legislative committee, which is chaired by Mark Pearson. Chapter lobbyist Sandra Eid helped us choose the legislators. The awards committee is made up of Barry Satlow, chair, David Mastronarde and Donna Murphy and was assisted by Diane Uren, former chapter and awards chair, and Chapter Conservation Chair Kirk Cunningham.