View from the Chair

by Greg Casini, RMC Chair

Colorado Dreaming

My term as Chapter Chair begins at a time when Colorado faces critical choices about its future, decisions that will directly affect the quality of life in our state for generations to come. With a new administration in office and a growth rate that is the third highest in the nation, it is more important than ever that the Rocky Mountain Chapter provide leadership and vision to ensure that the clean air, clean water and wild places that Colorado was blessed with will be respected and protected. Sadly, I know from experience how the quality of our lives suffers when wisdom and foresight are lacking. I am determined not to let that happen in Colorado.

I grew up in the 60s and 70s in suburban Cleveland, not far from where my parents were raised. My father spent much of his youth outdoors: laboring and fishing. As a boy, I too was drawn outdoors. I spent countless hours in the woods behind our yard.

But something was missing from my childhood. There were no fish in the streams. Instead, there were suds, waste and that smell. In thirty years, the abundant wildlife of my father’s youth had vanished. I recall the constant stream of news about the condition of Lake Erie. I remember the day the Cuyahoga River caught on fire. As a child, I felt cheated.

Now I live in Denver. I can drive to experience the wilderness and wildlife I missed as a boy. From my office window, I look out across the Continental Divide. Sometimes I wonder what it was like before people filled the Front Range. More often, I dream of the Colorado I want to live in and that future generations will inherit. Dream with me.

Imagine a Colorado where wildlife and wilderness abound. A Front Range with clean air and streams pure enough to drink from. Imagine safe, healthy neighborhoods with a sense of community and plenty of open space for children to play. Imagine a government that values the quality of its air, water and land and the health of its citizens above all else. That is my dream for Colorado.

Now imagine a Rocky Mountain Chapter brimming with new ideas and energy, with vision and leadership. Imagine the Chapter as a leading force for positive and lasting change in our state. Imagine a strong, proud, active Chapter succeeding in making the Colorado Dream a reality for future generations. That is my dream for our Chapter.

Now visualize yourself as an integral part of that vital, active force: connecting with others who share your values, experiencing the joy of using your talents to shape the future, and feeling the satisfaction of having created the Colorado you want for yourself and for your children. Together, let us make the Colorado Dream come true, for our families, for our future.