An Open Letter to Sierra Club Members: All Hands On Deck!

It’s clear that the upcoming legislative session is going to require us to batten down the hatches, because there is going to be a tsunami of environmental legislation to reckon with.

The Rocky Mountain Chapter is fortunate to have a full-time state legislative coordinator, Sandra Eid, working to shore up the front lines on our behalf. Sandra monitors activities at the statehouse and reports to various committees and on the legislative list serve. But it’s up to us to steer that information into a course of action.

Colorado has experienced a tidal wave of growth in recent years. This growth can compromise the quality of life for all living creatures in this beautiful state, including humans. Protecting wildlife habitat with responsible growth measures can safeguard Colorado’s pristine environment and ensure healthy air, land and water quality for humans.

We are particularly concerned with the threats of takings legislation, which guarantees profits to landowners, and with the environmental self-audit privilege, which creates a Pandora’s box of headaches for anyone who cares about environmental quality by protecting polluters from the light of day and prosecuting whistleblowers. In addition, there will be an ocean of air and water quality, land use, agricultural and other (good, bad and sinkable) bills to deal with.

We will support legislation that benefits the health and well-being of Colorado’s citizens and oppose bills that are designed to subsidize a few while compromising the environment. Please work with us to protect the environment that has given Colorado the reputation of Mountains Majesty, and its citizenry clear, crisp mountain air and safe drinking water from Rocky Mountain springs.

Your involvement is more important than ever. This is not the time to give up the ship!

Welcome aboard.

Merry Havens and Mark Pearson, Legislative Committee Co-chairs


• To be added to our e-mail tree for contacting your legislators on specific bills, please send an email to Merryhavens@earthlink.net

• To receive timely email notices on legislative issues send the command "SUBSCRIBE MC-LEGISLATIVE-ANNOUNCE yourname" to listserv@lists.sierraclub.org.

• To check the latest information on legislation, go to the state legislative web site at http://www.state.co.us/stateleg.html