The Peak & Prairie Poetry Page

Introducing the New Peak & Prairie Poetry Page
by Vincent Piturro, Editorial Staff, Peak & Prairie

Welcome to the new Peak and Prairie Poetry Page (where every submission is not submissive.) This new department we are debuting is just one of the many enhancements we are enacting to make your reading, writing and environmental journey in life that much more enjoyable. We will accept submissions for every issue, with just a few restrictions: Please limit your poems to not longer than 30 lines in length, and consult with the Earth before writing and submitting. For information on joining the ranks of Frost, Byron and Ginsberg, please contact Vincent Piturro at 303-534-7780.



Long interrupted embraces
Near rain speckled lakes
Wine induced sleepfulness
Wrapped happily around your arms

Dreams come easily here
In the misty rarified air
Wakefulness was dreaded once
Just a short day away

I sleep early in nature’s arms
Blanketed by trees of gentle embrace
The lake that lies steps from me
Sleeps under mountain shadow’s warmth

Life is all around me here
The kind that coexists and shares
With everything within
Seldom touched by human hands

I drove in looking for shelter
Escape from steel and glare
I drive out yearning for water
The kind that’s free and fast

Descending always leaves me
Shaken and still not whole
Burdened by the humanity
Unaware of the hurt in Her soul.

Vincent Piturro