New Toxic and Nuclear Waste Web Pages Created

by Sue Maret, National Nuclear Waste Task Force & Federal Facilities, Co-Chair, RMC,and Joan Seeman, Hazardous Materials Chair & Pollution Prevention Cluster Convener, RMC

Colorado is home to many industries, Superfund sites and military installations that release toxic and hazardous wastes into the environment. Recently, Joan Seeman and I decided to create a Website that would enable Sierra Club members and the public to locate information on these serious environmental issues.

The Website contains a vast amount of information and links related to air and water quality in Colorado, federal facilities, environmental law and regulations, Superfund sites, mining waste, and uranium mining. We’ve also set links to databases such as the Toxic Release Inventory, where you may check releases for specific companies and industries in Colorado and the nation. In addition, we’ve included pages on the Rocky Mountain Chapter’s comments on the Colorado Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement (CEPPA) and information related to the industry self-audit lawsuit Sierra Club is presently engaged.

The new Web pages may be found at: http://www.rmc.sierraclub.org/site/toxics or through the Rocky Mountain Chapter Web pages at: http://www.rmc.sierraclub.org/ , then click on "Toxics."

We hope you will find the toxics pages useful, informative and motivating. Stop by the pages on a regular basis to see get an update on what we’ve been doing.

We are also interested in any toxics or nuclear issue you are working on in the Rocky Mountain Chapter. You may suggest additional links or changes to the pages by contacting Sue Maret at Suemar5@juno.com or jsee@earthlink.net.