Guanella Pass Road:
Save It, Don’t Pave It!
by LynYarroll, Mount Evans Group Chair

Six hearty hikers gather for a group photo atop Guanella Pass Road on a chilly Saturday morning in early October. The group was on a conservation outing sponsored by the Mount Evans Group. Conservation outings are traditional outing with an educational twist.

On this trip, the group combined leaf viewing and a hike up to Square Top Lakes with a lesson on the Federal Highway Administration’s plans to pave and widen Guanella Pass Road. The Mount Evans Group is opposed to the paving plan, which would create a new highway that connects Interstate 70 and Highway 285.

MEG has offered an alternative plan that would solve most of the erosion and maintenance problems, while preserving the road as a rustic backcountry Scenic Byway. The FHWA will be releasing the Draft Environmental Impact Statement on the project in late November or early December. Anyone who who would like more information on the Fisght to save Guanella Pass Road can call Lyn Yarroll at 303-838-8117, or email her at treehouse@mstg.net.

After the trip, hikers gathered at Lyn’s and Tod Bacigalupi’s house in Conifer for an informal potluck.S