Election Results—Good News, Bad News

by Sandra Eid, Legislative Coordinator


First the Good News

The Rocky Mountain Chapter (Colorado) endorsed three candidates for the US House of Representatives. Two of those won: Diana DeGette (Denver) was reelected; Mark Udall (Boulder) was elected to replace retiring David Skaggs.

In the Statehouse, the Chapter endorsed four senators who were running for reelection. All four were successful. The preelection 20-15 Republican-Democratic ratio in the Senate remains unchanged.

We also made endorsements in twenty races for Colorado House seats—seventeen of our endorsed candidates were successful (fifteen were incumbents, two were running for open seats). The preelection Republican-Democratic ratio in the House is changed by the addition of one Democrat; the ratio will now be 40-25 Republicans-Democrats.

In addition, the Chapter took action on four statewide ballot initiatives. We recommended passage of one, Amendment 14 (Regulation of Hog Farms), which passed with 64.2% if the vote. We recommended defeat of Amendment 13 (No Regulation of Livestock Operations), which was defeated with 61.3% of the vote.

We also recommended defeat of Amendments 15 and 16, designed to expedite the export and sale of groundwater from the south central San Luis Valley. These measures were both defeated by about 76% of the vote.


Now the Bad News

Neither the Chapter-endorsed candidate for US Senate nor for Colorado Governor won. For the first time in twenty-four years, we will have a Republican governor (Bill Owens) as well as a Republican-controlled Senate and House.

In the past few years, the vetoes of retiring Governor Romer (D) have been crucial to environmentalists. He has held the line on such issues as takings, vested property rights, visibility in wilderness areas, among others.

Legislatively, it will be a whole new ball game in Colorado in 1999.