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October / November 1998


On-Line Activism


The Year 2000 Problem and You (and Your Computer)!

by Cliff Moore, Information Technology Committee Chair

Are you aware of the Year 2000 transition problems that many of our computers, software, and other date-sensitive devices may have, and what we can do about it?

The Year 2000 problem is rooted in the way dates are recorded and computed in many computer systems. System or application programs that use dates to perform calculations, comparisons, or sorting may generate incorrect results when working with years after 1999. Some systems will experience failures in advance of January 1, 2000 due to look-ahead features in those systems. We have heard, but cannot confirm, that the Global Positioning Satellite System will fail at 5:00 pm MDT Aug 21, 1999 (midnight GMT). Anyone using GPSS to keep track of where they are when backpacking should be aware of this potential failure if they are in the wilderness at that point in time, or even 5:00 pm MDT on December 31, 1999.

The IT Committee expects to provide a simple test utility that may be executed on your PC (Intel compatibles only at this time) to determine whether your PC will make the transition to Year 2000 successfully. This utility will be available through a link on the Chapter Web site and through download from the Bulletin Board System.

Additional information will be available from the IT Committee on this matter as it becomes available. Please let us know immediately if you have a Chapter-owned, "loaner" computer. Questions on this matter may be directed to Cliff Moore at


Wilderness Listserve Available
by Jean Smith

Across the state, people are working toward permanent protection for more than 1.3 million acres of BLM wild lands and forested wildernesses. Fast, easy communications helps you know what's happening and lets you be part of the discussions.

Announcing RMC-CONS-WILDERNESS, an email listserve - all you need to subscribe is email It's purpose:

What to do: Anyone can subscribe to this unmoderated list, and all subscribers can post messages. We depend on subscribers to use the list sensibly, and hopefully keep it directed at wilderness issues.

To subscribe, send an email to: LISTSERV@LISTS.SIERRACLUB.ORG In the message put: SUBSCRIBE RMC-CONS-WILDERNESS Your name. You will receive a welcoming message and instructions for confirming your subscription, posting messages or unsubscribing.

Organizers:The Colorado Wilderness Campaign is guided by a steering committee with representatives from Colorado Environmental Coalition, the Wilderness Society, Sierra Club and Western Colorado Congress. Staff of these organizations are giving major time to this campaign, and many other groups and hundreds of individuals are actively involved. The Rocky Mountain Chapter of Sierra Club is maintaining the list though its national system, thus the title (Rocky Mountain Chapter-Conservation-Wilderness).

Subscribe now.


Get Involved Without Leaving Your Desk

by Charlie Oriez

The Sierra Club has taken advantage of the fact that so many of our members have access to email, and can be called on to react quickly to the latest threat to the environment. About 1000 Colorado Sierra Club members agreed to receive alerts from both the statewide chapter and their local group by email.

If you would like to get in on the action, and receive those same alerts, drop an email to Include your local group name, if you know what it is, or your zip code so we can look it up for you.

Alternatively, you can join the chapter lists by sending an email to with the commands "SUBSCRIBE RMC-ALERTS yourname" and SUBSCRIBE RMC-ANNOUNCE yourname". You'll then get a confirmation request (this discourages spammers) and then be added to the list. The ALERTS list will be used for major statewide alerts of issues requiring action.

The ANNOUNCE list will cover things like details of the annual member retreat, outings of statewide interest, etc. And for those of you who wish to be more active, we have discussion lists on virtually every issue imaginable.

Full details on what they are and how to join them can be found on our web page at in the section marked "email discussion lists". If you have opinions on wildlife, wilderness, RTD, or any other issue, we have the discussion list to handle it. Check our web page and join us.