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October / November 1998


Educating Citizens About Senator Campbell's Anti-Environmental Voting Record Continues

by Brian Mohr, Sierra Club SW Regional Office


Distributing "voter guides" in October will help educate citizens about the comparative environmental positions of Senator Campbell and Dottie Lamm

Help the Sierra Club and do the environment a favor this October by distributing environmental "voter guides" in your area. These guides compare the environmental positions of Colorado's candidates for the U.S. Senate: Senator Campbell and Dottie Lamm.

Contact the Sierra Club SW Regional Office at (303) 449-5595 if you are interested in helping to distribute voter guides in your area. The Sierra Club SW Regional Office, as part of the Sierra Club's Environmental Voter Education Campaign, will be working to distribute these around the state during the month of October.


Environmental Voter Education Campaign Keeps the Ball Rolling

Thanks to numerous members/volunteers from around the state, dozens of letters to the editor, urging citizens to ask Senator Campbell to vote against legislation and "riders" that threaten the protection of Colorado's wild places, our clean air and clean water, have been printed this summer and in September, in statewide and regional newspapers. In addition, several 600-700 word opinion editorials have also been printed in newspapers around the state.

Also, on September 10 in Denver, the Sierra Club held its final Environmental Voter Education Campaign (EVEC) slideshow with wilderness photographer John Fielder. Citizens who attended this event learned about the numerous anti-environmental riders that Congress was considering at the time, and were urged to contact Senator Campbell and ask that he not support any bills containing these riders. (See anti-environmental riders letter writing article). Sierra Club members/volunteers also worked hard in September to collect the remaining EVEC postcards urging Campbell to stop voting to weaken protections for Colorado's wild places, our clean air and clean water. Over 5000 postcards were delivered to Senator Campbell in September.

Beginning in late September, volunteers from around the state started distributing/and making plans to distribute environmental voter guides (described above). These guides are being handed out at busy grocery stores and fairs, and volunteers have begun writing letters to the editor using the guide information.

Call the Sierra Club SW Regional Office at (303) 449-5595 if you want to help distribute these guides and/or get involved in the Sierra Club's Environmental Voter Education Campaign.