Peak & Prairie

Rocky Mountain Chapter's
Online Newsletter
October / November 1998


View from the Chair:

by Sherri Valentine

Vote, Vote, Vote!

As you no doubt have already noticed (or soon will) this issue of Peak & Prairie is filled with voting information. Please take the time to educate yourself about the issues and cast your votes; don't ignore this privilege. Your vote is your voice, and it really does influence our future.

Rocky Mountain Chapter Ballot

By mailing in your ballot as instructed, you have the opportunity to vote for 4 at-large Chapter Executive Committee members and to vote for or against our statewide ballot issue. Chapter Executive Committee member elections are held annually. Voting members of the Rocky Mountain Chapter Executive Committee include 7 at-large delegates (elected by the general membership) and 14 group delegates (1 elected by each of the groups). A vote in favor of the ballot issue would also give sections the right to elect 1 delegate each to the Chapter Executive Committee. In April of this year, the Rocky Mountain Chapter Executive Committee voted to create the Chapter's first section. Other Sierra Club chapters around the country have sections, but this is a very exciting first for the Rocky Mountain Chapter. Sections are similar to groups, but whereas groups are set up by geographical areas, sections are set up by common interests. Each chapter has its own bylaws and policies regarding the requirements of sections; our Chapter policy, as approved by the Executive Committee in July, requires very specific goals and standards be met before a sub-set of members may request to be considered for section status. Because granting voting rights to sections requires changing the Chapter by-laws and any change in the by-laws of the Chapter requires a vote of the general membership, you will find on your ballot this issue: whether to amend the Chapter's by-laws to permit sections to have a voting delegate on the Chapter Executive Committee. Please carefully read the information provided before casting your vote. If you have further questions feel free to contact the people whose names are listed. Then, send in your ballot!


November General Election

Be sure to read the candidate information and endorsements within this P&P issue to familiarize yourself with the candidates we have identified who have strong positions on the environment. There are some very important races this year and how those positions are filled will have great impacts on the future of our state and our communities. Club-endorsed candidates appear in boldface below.

Governor Romer will be replaced by Lt. Governor Gail Schoettler or State Treasurer Bill Owens; Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell will either be re-elected to the U.S. Senate as a Republican (remember he was originally elected as a Democrat before he changed parties) or will be replaced by Dottie Lamm (newspaper columnist, author, activist, and wife of former Governor Dick Lamm). The Second Congressional District seat currently held by Congressman David Skaggs, a strong voter on environmental issues, will be filled by State Representative Mark Udall or former Boulder City Council member Bob Greenlee. In the First CD, Congresswoman Diana DeGette is running for re-election against challenger Nancy McClanahan. Either Susan Kirkpatrick or Bob Schaffer will be the next Representative from the Fourth CD. And there are plenty of others running who deserve your vote, in statehouse (Colorado General Assembly) races, local races and RTD races! If you have questions about any of the races contact your Group Chair or Political Chair, or visit our website at: And vote in the General Election on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3rd!