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October / November 1998



To list outings, events or meetings, post the information in the Outings, Events or Meetings Forum of the Chapter BBS (see Page 2), email to or fax to the chapter office at 303-861-2436, Attn: Calendar Editor. Or email to Reg Allen Please follow the format below.



All Club members and interested public are free to sign up for any outing. There is no cost, except for sharing gas expenses with the driver. We meet for car-pooling at various times and places, so call the leader for that information. Participants may be screened by the leader for appropriate equipment and experience.

Saturday, October 3 - Guanella Pass day-hike & potluck. Join the MEG for a first-hand look at how the paving of the Guanella Pass Road would affect the fragile and spectacularly scenic ecosystems. We'll start with a moderate 3 mile hike to Square Top Lakes, enjoying the autumn colors of aspen and high arctic scenery. Then we'll gather for a potluck at a member' home to hear from experts and those who's lives will be affected by paving of Guanella Pass. Be prepared for bad weather. For details, call Greg Scott, 303-674-236 (GLS).

Sunday, October 4 - Crags day hike & GLS barbecue. An easy 5 mile hike to the Crags, west of Manitou Springs, followed by a barbecue. Elevation: 10,100 to 10,800 feet. The Crags are among the more interesting features in the Pikes Peak area: fantastical spires of pink-colored granite found on the west side of the massif. In Colorado Springs call Brad 719-685-4223; In Denver call Todd 303-832-6105 (GLS).

Saturday, October 10, 9:00 a.m. - Cherry Creek adopt-a-trail monthly work session for the Enos Mills Group. We meet at the bottom of the ramp to Cherry Creek from Colfax to walk the section from Colfax to Lawrence pulling weeds and collecting trash. Wearable clothing belongs to the person finding same. It is just an extra reward for helping to improve the urban environment we all share. Call Don Thompson for additional information, 303.629.1922 (EMG).

Saturday, October 10 - Artist's Hike, Golden Gate Canyon State Park. Calling all closet artists! Ever hiked a trail, wanting to capture that scene, but unable to because the group moves on? Gather your art supplies. We will hike an easy to moderate trail alongside a creek through aspen groves to an open meadow. We'll find a place or places to stop and sketch, draw, or paint. 4 miles round trip. Call Karla, 303-333-9868. All skill levels welcome! (GLS).

Saturday, October 17- Lost Creek Wilderness moderate, 9 mile day-hike along the Goose Creek Trail, 40 mi. SW of Denver. Elevation: 8,000 to 9,000 feet. This area offers some of the wildest and most rugged scenery in Colorado: a geologic masterpiece filled with domes, pinnacles, towers and precariously balanced boulders. Erosion has left its mark everywhere with subtle creases and folds and colorful streaks highlighting the red rock. Trees seem to grow out of solid rock and a river disappears nine times as it snakes its way through the bizarre scenery. In Colorado Springs call Brad, 719-685-4223; In Denver call Greg, 303.861.2844 (GLS).

Sunday, October 25 - Circle of Lakes loop trail in Rocky Mountain National Park. Beautiful chain of four lakes in awesome chasm. Moderate 12 mi., 2000' gain. Kirk Cunningham, 303-939-8519 (IPG).

Sunday, October 25 - Greyrock Summit day-hike. A 7 mile moderate hike. Elevation: 6,200 to 7,500 ft. One of the most interesting and fun summits to climb in the Cache La Poudre Valley west of Ft. Collins. Rock scrambling is necessary to reach the summit, but the chance to picnic around the rock pools at the top with views all the way to Wyoming are worth it! Call Greg, 303-861-2844 (GLS).

Sunday, November 1 - Moderate hike to Finch Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. 9 mi., 1500' gain. Kelly Prendergast, 303-665-7290 (IPG).

Sunday, November 8 - Alderfer/Three Sisters day-hike. A 4 miles, easy to moderate hike. Elevation: 7,450 to 8,461 ft. The old Alderfer Ranch in Jefferson County provides an idyllic mountain setting with open meadows and rocky outcrops- perfect for a short hike close to Denver & Boulder. Climb to the top of the "Three Sisters" or "The Brother" for sweeping views of Evergreen and snowcapped mountains. Call Greg, 303-861-2844 (GLS).

Sunday, November 15 - Moderate 5 mi. hike to Royal Arch in Boulder Mountain Parks. 1000' gain. Susan Jones, 303-444-6821 (IPG).

Sunday, November 15 - Bear Peak Loop day-hike. A 7 mile strenuous hike up one of Boulder's more prominent landmarks. Elevation: 6,080 to 8,461 ft. Near the summit the trail becomes quite steep, and there is a bit of a rock scramble at the top-but the view is worth it! In Boulder call Bob, 303-449-9888; in Denver call Gary, 303-861-0441 (GLS).

Wednesday, November 18 - Weekday 11 mi. loop hike in White Ranch Open Space near Golden. 1000' gain. This date may be changed depending upon interest, so call if you can make Thursday but not Wednesday, for example. Kirk Cunningham, 303-939-8519 (IPG).

Saturday, November 21, 1:00 P.M. - Cherry Creek adopt-a-trail monthly work session for the Enos Mills Group. We meet at the bottom of the ramp to Cherry Creek from Colfax at 9:00 a.m. to walk the section from Colfax to Lawrence collecting trash on the way. Call Don Thompson for additional information, 303-629-1922 (EMG).

Saturday, November 21 - Geology of the Dakota Hogback and Other Wonders. Residents along the front range need look no further than the nearby foothills to be caught up in the excitement of the geologic forces that shaped our native Colorado landscape. Join a GLS member with an in depth knowledge of the geology of the local foothills for a two mile one-way (return trip can be shuttled) easy to moderate morning walk along the ridge of the Dakota Hogback and learn about the geologic history of the hogback as well as other well-known landmarks like Table Mountain, Red Rocks Park, and Green Mountain. Call Patricia, 303-333-9868 (GLS).

Thursday, November 26 - Join the Sierra Club for an easy morning Thanksgiving hike on the new Lefthand Trail north of Boulder. 6mi., 100' gain. Call Bev Baker before 8 PM, 303-447-8390 (IPG).

Sunday, November 29 -10 mi. hike to Odessa Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. Strenuous, 1900' gain. Kelly Prendergast, 303-665-7290 (IPG).

Tuesday, December 1 - Full moon hike on Mesa Trail near Eldorado Springs. Bring hot drinks and treats to share. 4 mi., 500' gain. Steve Bortz, 303-440-5459 (IPG).

Sunday, December 6 - Moderate, conditioning 6 mi. ski tour on the Rock Creek Rd., a wide jeep road with gentle turns near Allenspark. 1000' gain. Kirk Cunningham, 303-939-8519 (IPG).

Saturday, December 19, 1:00 P.M. - Cherry Creek adopt-a-trail monthly work session for the Enos Mills Group. We meet at the bottom of the ramp to Cherry Creek from Colfax at 9:00 a.m. to walk the section from Colfax to Lawrence collecting trash. Call Don Thompson for additional information, 303-629-1922 (EMG).



Monday, October 19, Arithmetic, Population, and Energy. The RMC Population Committee is please to announce a joint presentation with National Audubon Society Population and Habitat Campaign and Colorado Population Coalition. Join us on Monday October 19, from 7-9 pm at Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, 950 Broadway, Denver, with guest speaker Professor Al Bartlett presenting his famous talk, "Arithmetic, Population, and Energy". Light refreshments provided. Free and open to the public. For more information contact: Fred Elbel, SC-RMC Population Committee Chair, (303) 220-7499,

Friday and Saturday, October 23-24 - THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN LAND USE INSTITUTE In conjunction with eight other conservation organizations are sponsoring THE FIRST CONFERENCE ON ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION & GROWTH MANAGEMENT IN THE WEST. Bringing together environmental groups, citizen activists, lawyers, planners, land use professionals and academics to hear experts speak, to discuss what is and what is not working, and to share possible solutions as to the mitigation of the impact of land use and development on the natural environment and aesthetics of the West. For more information write to RMLUI, 7150 Montview Blvd., Suite 122, Denver, CO 80220, or call 303-871-4333.

Thursday, October 22, 7 PM - at Denver-Patagonia - 1431 15th St. 303-446-9500. HAS THE WORLD LOVED SHANGRI LA TO DEATH: The Reality of Climbing and Trekking in Shangri La, with Armando Menocal, climber, activist, and founder of the Access Fund. This long-time human rights and environmental activists' show is neither a travel log, nor a review of his climbs. The discussion focuses on the issues facing this unique region, which in a short span has gone from an isolated kingdom with its Shangri La image to gritty 20th century reality: pollution, drugs, AIDS, homelessness. His discussion of modern problems of child labor, girl trafficking, western pop culture, and CNN in remote villages tells another side of the story. One viewer described her reaction to the presentation: "In contrast to his breathtaking images of the Himalayas, he brought the area's stories of poverty and exploitation as well. Armando is a suburb communicator with a moving message." The event is free and is a membership drive and fundraiser to benefit the Access Fund, a national climber's organization dedicated to conserving the climbing environment.

Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 24-25 - "Environmental Voter Guide" volunteer events in Denver and Boulder. The voter guides provide citizens with a side by side comparison of how Senator Campbell and his opponent stand on environmental issues. Join us for a great weekend of walking the streets and working to bring out the environmental voters. We will meet at a central location each day in the morning and then head out to different neighborhood to distribute the "voter guides". Call Brian Mohr at the Sierra Club SW Regional Office at 303-449-5595 for more information.

Tuesday, October 27, 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. - The National Wind Coordinating Committee will be hosting a public Avian/Wind Interactive Workshop/Forum at the University Park Holiday Inn., in Fort Collins. For more information, contact John Halley at the Land and Water Fund of the Rockies 303-444-1188 x217 or

Tuesday, October 27, all day - Eastern Mountain Sports in Boulder, is giving 20% off anything in the store with a current Sierra Club membership. Call Christopher Stephenson, 303-442-7566 or email to

Thursday and Friday, November 5-6 - Restoring Native Ecosystems is Focus of National Conference offered by The National Arbor Day Foundation at Arbor Day Farm's Lied Conference Center in Nebraska City. For more information call 402-474-5655.

Sunday, November 8 at 6:30 p.m. - Dinner theater at Conifer High School in beautiful Conifer. Join us for an evening of good food and good fun as the Mount Evans Group hosts the hilarious (but educational) environmental musical comedy, "The Wolf At the Door." We'll be serving delicious homemade Italian food at cozy, individually hosted tables. Tickets are only $15 for the whole evening. Play is best suited to adults and older kids. Call Karen Griffin at 303-838-1468 (long distance from Denver) for tickets or more information. Seating is limited, so call now.


Chapter Meetings

All Sierra Club meetings are open to the public. New and old members who would like to become more active are urged to attend. It's a good way to meet people and share concerns. Chairs: to reserve a conference room at the Club office building, call Mary Romano at 303-861-8819 (days) at least one week before your meeting.

Metro Regional Council of Groups
The Metro Regional Council of (Sierra Club) Groups, meets monthly for breakfast to provide an informal forum for inter-group communications on issues that cross group boundaries, especially those related to growth (for example, RTD, mountain backdrop, water, open space, air, GOCO). Contact Don Thompson, 303-320-4895 for agenda information and the meeting date.

Chapter Conservation and Legislative Committee
Monday, October 12 & November 9, 5:30-9:00 p.m. Suite 205B at 1410 Grant St., Denver. (NE Corner of Colfax and Grant). We discuss issues and state legislature bills of importance to the Chapter and how to respond to them. Open to all members. Please contact Conservation Committee Chair. Kirk Cunningham, 303-939-8519 or regarding information and agenda items for the Conservation Committee meeting and Mark Pearson, Legislative Chair for agenda and information concerning the Legislative Committee, 970-259-6181,

Executive Committee
Saturday-Sunday. The Ex-Com is the governing body of the chapter. It meets quarterly at locations throughout the state to discuss and decide on conservation issues and administrative matters. For information and agenda, contact Chair Dave Mastronarde, 303-440-0253.

Lifestyles/Education Committee
Wednesday, October 21 & November 18, from 6:30-8:00 p.m. The Lifestyles/Education Committee seeks to inform our communities on living an eco-friendly life. The next meetings will be at 1410 Grant, Denver (call for room location). For details contact Jan Oen at 303-320-4895.

Tuesday, October 27, 6:30 p.m.Voluntary simplicity study circles are a project of the Lifestyles/Education Committee. A Voluntary Simplicity introductory evening will be held at the Sierra Club office this month. Join simplicity advocate Mary Romano to learn what Voluntary Simplicity is, how it can make your life more enjoyable and rewarding, and to get more information on the simplicity study circles now forming throughout the state. Contact Mary Romano w 303-861-8819 or h 303-388-0911, or email Mary at

Population Committee
The Chapter Population Committee meets for its bi-monthly meeting on Wednesday, October 14, at 6:30 p.m. at the Sierra Club office, 1410 Grant, B205. Overpopulation is the root cause of most environmental problems. Join us for a discussion of current legislation, international action, and the one letter you can write to make a difference. For more information and to confirm meeting date, call Fred Elbel, 303-220-7499.

Water Quality Committee
The committee holds evening meetings monthly, at irregular times. It deals with all issues covered by the Clean Water Act: pollution, discharge regulation, planning, polluted run-off and wetlands protection. We usually meet for a potluck supper before the meeting. To be on our contact list, call Chair. Kirk Cunningham, 303-939-8519.

Inner City Outings
Wednesday, October 14 & November 11, ICO meetings are usually held in the evenings on the second Wednesday of the month, in Suite 205B at 1410 Grant St., Denver. ICO introduces disadvantaged urban young people to the out-of-doors. Meetings dates and times may vary, so call the ICO hotline at 303-512-8331to confirm.

Peak & Prairie mailing party
Thursday, November 26. Join us for fun at the mailing party! Dinner and refreshments provided. Call Angela Medbery, 303-433-2608, to confirm location and time.

Gay and Lesbian Sierrans
Thursday, October 8, Voluntary Simplicity potluck. Would you prefer a simpler lifestyle that involves value-driven patterns of working less, wanting less, spending less, and doing more of the things they really want to do in life? Join Mary Romano, Lifestyle / Education Committee founder, to learn what Voluntary Simplicity is and how it can make your life more enjoyable and rewarding -- while helping the environment. Call Mary Romano at the Sierra Club office, 303-861-8819, or email Mary at

Saturday, November 7- New Member's potluck. Meet fellow Sierrans and find out about GLS activities and opportunities in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. This event will be held at a member's home in the Park Hill section of Denver. Call Greg, 303-861-2844.

Monday, November 16 - GLS Activist potluck. Join other GLS members who are concerned about threats to Colorado's clean air, clean water and wild places. Find out what we can do together as a group to make a real and lasting difference for Colorado. Call Greg, 303-861-2844.

Sunday, November 22- Outings Planning potluck. Help us to make our Winter calendar of events tour biggest and best Calendar yet! Come share your ideas for events and your Colorado outdoor experiences! Call Sue, 303-477-4285.

Group Meetings

Enos Mills Group
Tuesday, October 13, 6:00 p.m. EMG member's potluck at the home of Jan Oen and Don Thompson. Bring a dish, stories of your interest or involvement in the environment to share with other EMG activists. For directions call Jan at 303-320-4895.

High Plains Group
(eastern Denver suburbs)
For information on meeting dates, call Chair. Roger Wendell at 303-693-4244.

Indian Peaks Group
(Bolder Area)
Thursday, October 8 & November 12, 6:15 p.m. (potluck supper), 7:00 (meeting), at the Hoge's home at 2300 Iris Ave. in north Boulder (look for the multi-colored mailbox on the south side of Iris). IPG Ex-Com meeting. The Ex-Com discusses management issues and sets conservation policy for the IPG. For information and agenda contact Group Chair. Susan LeFever at 303-443-5943.

Wednesday, October 7 & November 4, 7:00 p.m. IPG Conservation Committee meeting, LAW Fund Building, SW corner of Baseline and Broadway in Boulder. We discuss and formulate a Group strategy on pressing conservation issues not involving urban areas. Contact Kirk Cunningham, 303-939-8519, for information and agenda.

Thursday, October 1 & November 5, 12:00 p.m. IPG Urban Land Use Committee. We meet for lunch in downtown Boulder at the Harvest Restaurant, 18th and Pearl Streets We discuss issues involving cities in Boulder County. Call Pam Hoge, 303-440-3827, for agenda and other details.

Mount Evans Group
(Park, Clear Creek, Gilpin and SW Jefferson Counties)
Thursday, October 8th and November 12th, 7:30 p.m. - <bold italics> at the Evergreen Recreation Center. MEG meets on the second Thursday of each month. Issues the group is working on include the upcoming election, proposed paving of Guanella Pass Road, proposed widening of I-70, Golden's lawsuit against Clear Creek County over the Beaver Brook Watershed zoning, CDOT's non-mitigation of wetlands lost to 285 construction, Loveland Ski Area's chairlift expansion, calendar sales and our upcoming fall program, "The Wolf at the Door." We have more issues than volunteers. Your help and enthusiasm are welcome. Call Myron Gerhard at 303-948-9778 or Lyn Yarroll at 303-838-8117 for more information.

Pikes Peak Group
(El Paso & Teller Counties)
Tuesday, October 13 & November 10, 6:30 - 9:00 p.m. At the Beidleman Environmental Center, 740 W. Caramillo. All members are invited to attend and participate in our monthly Conservation Committee and Executive Committee meetings. If you are interested in local, state, or national environmental issues, this is the place to learn more and get involved with the activities which relate to them. Hope to see you there! For more information, call Chuck Hachmeister at 719-592-0963.

Sunday, October 18, 5:00 p.m. Newsletter Folding Party and Potluck Dinner. Come join us to help assemble and prepare for mailing the next issue of our Timberlines newsletter. This is a great place for new and newly-active members to get involved. It's one of our most enjoyable social activities. For more information about the location please contact Judy Bolin at 719-592-0963.

Poudre Canyon Group
(Larimer and Weld Counties)
Monday, October 12 & November 9, 6:30 p.m. Ex-Com usually meets at the Norlarco Credit Union, 700 Whaler's Way, Fort Collins. Confirm dates with Will Walters, 970-568-9841, or email to

Rachel Carson Group
(eastern Jefferson County)
Thursday, October 15 & November 19. Meetings are usually held at the Arvada Municipal Hall, but call Joan Rech, 303-541-0710 to confirm location and time.

Sangre de Cristo Group
(Arkansas River & San Luis Valleys)
Tuesday, October 13 & November 10, 6:30 p.m. Ex-Com meets at the Lamplighter Coffee House in Pueblo. Call Susan Finzel-Aldred, 719-947-0315, for confirmation of dates.

Uncompahgre Group
(Mesa, Delta & Gunnison Counties)
Wednesday, October 14, 6:15 p.m. Ex-Com meeting and potluck supper. Meet the second Wednesday of alternate months at Shelly Weiss' home, 2215 Driftwood Lane, Grand Junction; call Shelly for directions, 970-243-5138.

Weminuche Group
(Durango area)
Monday, October 5 & November 2. Ex-Com meeting. Call Jim Decker for information and to confirm meeting dates, 970-247-8811.