Peak & Prairie

Rocky Mountain Chapter's
Online Newsletter
June / July 1998


View from the Chair
by Sherri Valentine, Chapter Chair

Nimby Isn't a Bad Word

Not too many years ago, the concept of desiring to keep something from occuring or being placed nearby one's home or community acquired the nickname NIMBY. As we all know, NIMBY is short for "not in my back yard." As time has passed NIMBY has taken on negative terms, as non-environmentalists (and others) have pointed accusing fingers saying that NIMBYs only care when their own interests or property is or maybe impacted. Perhaps it is time to remind ourselves that NIMBY is not a bad word.

Becoming a NIMBY is often the birth of an activist! And isn't being a NIMBY just another translation of "acting locally." Imagine what the world would be like if everyone cared enough to get involved in what goes on in and around their communities. I imagine that the world would be a better (and much less polluted) place to live. Those who get their initial exposure to activism by being a NIMBY often become involved in other issues as their awareness of the world expands, and many grow into leaders.


In spite of some nasty press coverage (some of it in the Denver Post), we have made it to the other side of the ballot issue on Sierra Club's policy regarding population and immigration. Although the Club's policy will remain one of neutrality on matters of immigration policy, population issues will continue to be of great concern to the Club and our individual members. I want to thank the members of the Rocky Mountain Chapter, especially, for keeping to the high road as we worked through this debate. Let's re-focus on the things that unite us and make us effective as an organization.

A sad note: The last week of April, the U.S. Senate voted to dismantle U.S. support for global family planning.


Don't forget while you are enjoying your summer that numerous candidates for elective office will be gearing up for their primary elections. The Primary Election is Tuesday, August 11th. If there is a candidate in your community who is a friend of the environment and has a primary, they would appreciate your help. Contact your Group Chair or Group Political Chair if you are not certain who needs your help.

Have a great summer!