Peak & Prairie

Rocky Mountain Chapter's
Online Newsletter
April / May 1998


Thank You to Peak & Prairie Volunteers

Each issue a host of wonderful volunteers gather together for a marathon session of putting labels on your newsletters. Here are the folks who successfully found our travelling mailing parties at a variety of locations and times throughout the past year.

They are our Peak and Prairie ALL STARS for the past six issues:

Ramon Ajero,Jr., Reginald Allen, Jeff Anderson, Reginald Allen, Tod Bacigalupi, Joan Berry, Paul Berteau, Linda Berteau, Ann Bingham, Beatriz Bonnet, Laurie Bruckheimer, Rita Brunhilde, Lisa Calson, Eve Cohen, Ann Connell, Paul Connell, Kirk Cunningham, Jillian Dale, Jane Davies, Mark Easter, Cecelia Farin, Kendra Fay, Janna Fix, Denni Friesen, Jim Linn, Stacy Groll, Orpha Hinkley, Teddie Hipperterminal. Jolyn Jarboe, Russ Kelin, Douglas Kretzman, Constance Lederer, Eric Lindberg, Gre Marsh, Al "Gramps" Mauthe, Beth McCoy, Angela Medbery, Jan Morachzewski, Willow Morrow, Margaret Murray, Diane Neumann, Jan Oen, Naomi Plyveis, Joan Poston, Paul Poston, Norma Ramirez-Allen, Barry Satlow, Pato Schulof, Geraly Schultz, Rosanna Serrato, Alison Shapiro, Jeremy Sides, Art Smith, Jean Smit Lucinda Smith, Carolyn Sutton, Al Steiner, Anna Terry, Don Thompson, Bob Tipton, Ky Travis, Barbara Umland, Josh Umland, Tom Umland, Blake Uren, Dian Uren, Matt Uren, David Waag, Lauren Walters, Will Walters and Lynn Yarroll.

You folks have saved us a bunch of money and provided a good way for us get better acquainted. If you would like to volunteer for upcoming mailings please call Angela at (303) 433-2608. Upcoming dates are: May 27/28, July 22/23, September 24/25 and November 18/19.