Peak & Prairie

Rocky Mountain Chapter's
Online Newsletter
April / May 1998


View From the Second Floor
by Mary Romano, Chapter Office Manager

As you may have heard our office has moved to 1410 Grant, suite B205. It's a red brick historic building, with a courtyard that feels a bit like New Orleans. It is directly east of the State Capitol Building and especially convenient for our lobbying efforts. Feel free to stop in and see our new facility, I'm in the office most afternoons, but do call first to ensure that I'm not at a meeting or running an errand.

We had two big days of moving, that never would have happened, or run so smoothly without the help of many individuals. We would like to thank all of the office and chapter volunteers who participated in the move (before, during and after) including:

Ann Bingham, Jim Bock, Mark Collier*, Eugene DeMayo, Dawn Devres, Sandra Eid, Nancy Jepsen, Peggy Malchow, Dave Mastronarde, Cliff Moore, Charlie Oriez, Bruce Orten, Jon Redinius, Mary Romano, Barry Satlow, Art Smith, Jean Smith, Louisa Stark, Diane Uren, Sherri Valentine, Karen Wharton, and  Lyn Yarroll

*Special thanks go to Mark Collier, who was in charge of the move. Thank You again, everyone!

It's time also for special thanks to go out to two of my office volunteers for their long-term devotion to help keep the office running: Nancy Jepsen (1.2 yrs) and Bruce Orten (2.6 yrs). Thanks for your many hours of help. Way to go!

Now that we've moved our office, we have need for a few items (in good to excellent condition). Perhaps you can help. Donations for the move will also be accepted. Thanks.

Our wish list includes:

aredball.gif (515 bytes) a mini-refrigerator
aredball.gif (515 bytes) a small (desktop) copy machine (or perhaps a donated lease of one)
aredball.gif (515 bytes) a plain paper fax
aredball.gif (515 bytes) a med-small computer table
aredball.gif (515 bytes) med-low light plants
aredball.gif (515 bytes) fully adjustable office chairs
aredball.gif (515 bytes) 2 desks in nice condition
aredball.gif (515 bytes) and the ultimate: a new Pentium computer!