Peak & Prairie

Rocky Mountain Chapter's
Online Newsletter
February / March 1998


Letters to the Editor about John Denver


Dear Fran and Barry,

Thank you for the wonderful tribute to John Denver in the recent Peak and Prairie. John did so much for the environment, peace, hunger and so many other causes during his lifetime. He embodies and describes so well the reasons why so many of us have dedicated our lives to ensuring that the voiceless have a say in our world. Thank you for sharing a few of John's words. Perhaps John's early, untimely death will spread his message more than if he had lived a full life.


Lynn Buhlig.




Hello there,

I am sending my recollection of a meeting with John Denver. He came to Honolulu, Hawaii for a concert. I had just written a song about the Greenpeace antiwhaling ship - the Ohana Kai. The day after the concert, I found him basking in the sun at Kahala Hilton's beach. I gingerly approached him, introduced myself, told him about my song and how much I'd enjoyed his concert. He asked about Greenpeace' work in Hawaii and about antiwhaling feelings and a few more casual things. I've kept the memory of that one meeting of a would-be songwriter and a star, a bright glow in my heart.

P.S. Together with another dancer, I am creating a dance to his most beautiful song: I Want to Live!

P.S.S. I joined the Hunger Project in Hawaii, which he created during another trip there.

Miriam Paisner