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February / March 1998


The Pending Vote on Immigration Policy Within the Sierra Club


What is the issue on which Club members will vote?

Club members will vote on whether the Club should take a position on U.S. immigration policy, or remain neutral on the topic.

In February, 1996, the Sierra Club Board of Directors voted that the Club should NOT take a position on U.S. immigration policy. Those who disagreed with the Board's position obtained sufficient member signatures to put Alternative A on the 1998 election ballot. The Board of Directors then placed Alternative B on the ballot.


Alternative A

Why We Need a Comprehensive U.S. Population Policy

Shall the Sierra Club reverse its 1996 decision to "take no position on immigration levels or on policies governing immigration into the United States," and adopt a comprehensive population policy for the United States that continues to advocate an end to U.S. population growth at the earliest possible time through reduction in natural increase (births minus deaths), but now also through reduction in net immigration (immigration minus emigration)?


Alternative B

Let's Focus on Underlying Causes, Not Symptoms

The Sierra Club affirms the decision of the Board of Directors to take NO position on U.S. immigration levels and policies. The Sierra Club can more effectively address the root causes of global population problems through its existing comprehensive approach:

*The Sierra Club will build upon its effective efforts to champion the right of all families to maternal and reproductive health care, and the empowerment and equity of women;
* and the Sierra Club will continue to address the root causes of migration by encouraging sustainability, economic security, health and nutrition, human rights and environmentally responsible consumption.


Note to Members:

On January 18, 1998, the Rocky Mountain Chapter Executive Committee voted to endorse Ballot Initiative B, affirming the Sierra Club Board of Directors' decision to take NO position on U.S. immigration policy.