Peak & Prairie

Rocky Mountain Chapter's
Online Newsletter
December 1997


Adam Werbach Comes to Denver for Book Tour
by Diane Drekmann, P&P Media Editor

Adam Werbach, the youngest president of the Sierra Club (at age 24 and in his second term), came to Denver in October, promoting his book, "Act Now, Apologize Later." Rocky Mountain Chapter representatives caught up with him at a luncheon at the Denver Press Club on October 8. Mary Romano, office manager for the Rocky Mountain Chapter, introduced Adam before the luncheon.

Werbach emphasized the importance of a grassroots approach to conservation. He stressed the need for individuals to act in their community, educating people about recycling or writing to local government and media. An individual's efforts can affect national change, he argued. He urged youth to get involved as he did: Werbach grew up in the Sierra Club and founded Sierra Student Coalition. He said that Sierra Club used to emphasize lobbying in Washington but that a shift of emphasis toward the local community has created more effective change. He stressed the importance of celebrating our successes, such as President Clinton's preservation of more than 1 million wilderness acres in the Escalante-Grand Staircase National Monument and his endorsement of the EPA's proposed stricter clean air standards.

After the talk Werbach answered questions and addressed concerns about the Club's controversial proposal to drain Lake Powell and about its involvement in population issues.