"...do something for wildness and

make the mountains glad"

John Muir


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Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Chapter

Thank you for your inquiry about the Sierra Club. We would like to take this opportunity to personally welcome you to explore our Club, and the satisfaction it can bring you. You will find the Sierra Club publications, group activities, and issue committees will keep you informed about the environmental issues which impact us here in Colorado, as well as across the nation. In addition, there are numerous opportunities to get involved with the Club, either working to conserve our natural resources and build a sustainable future, or enjoying Club sponsored outings with other members who share your interest in the beautiful Colorado outdoors.

Membership includes subscriptions (which may be waived if you desire) to Peak & Prairie, our local (Rocky Mountain Chapter) newsletter, and to Sierra, the National Magazine. If you notify us atour office of your name, address, and phone number, in a few days you should receive via mail a sample copy of the Peak & Prairie, where you will find information and contacts for the various Club activities including: volunteering opportunities, local group and committee meetings, as well as the ever popular Club outings, all of which offer great opportunities to meet new friends and environmentally concerned individuals like yourself. Also, with a standard membership and the commitment of writing three letters a year, you have the option of receiving our quarterly activist update, The Planet. Should you have any questions about our local chapter not addressed in other sections of this document please contact me.

Andrea Knutsen, Office and Communications Coordinator
Rocky Mountain Chapter of Sierra Club
our office


About the Sierra Club

In 1892, John Muir, a Scottish immigrant, writer, farmer, sheepherder, inventor, naturalist, and disciple of wilderness gathered a small group of friends in a San Francisco office building to discuss the protection of California's high Sierra and Yosemite Park. The organization they founded was called the Sierra Club and its stated purposes was "To explore, enjoy and preserve the nation's forests, waters, wildlife, and wilderness." In the intervening years, the Club has grown to encompass thousands of members whose conservation interests span the globe.

Today the Sierra Club looks back on a long and proud history of preserving wilderness and fighting for a clean and sage environment. Sierra Club members are equally at home roaming the wilderness areas and mountain ranges of the world, reading an environmental impact statement, or testifying before a congressional committee. The Club is unique in its involvement of volunteers in an effective grass-roots program to protect our environment and wilderness areas.

The Club is organized at the national, chapter (state), and group (local) levels. Each has its own staff of volunteers and programs geared to the interests and concerns of its constituency. The Rocky Mountain Chapter (over 30 years in Colorado) includes groups in Denver, Durango, Grand Junction, Fort Collins, Greeley, Boulder, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Aspen, Breckenridge, Steamboat Springs, Aurora, Evergreen, and Littleton, and more groups are being planned. Monthly meetings are held by each group and are open to the public.


Philosophy of Service and Stewardship

Whereas the Sierra Club's Statement of Purpose is: To explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the Earth, to practice and promote the responsible use of the earth's ecosystems and resources; to educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment; and to use all useful means to carry out these objectives.

To achieve this mission, the Sierra Club has organized persons of shared environmental concerns into a powerful and effective force for protecting the natural environment. As a grassroots based organization, we rely on individuals for resources, talent and energy. Our members are our most important assets.

We are the Sierra Club. We are members helping other members. We trust and respect members and acknowledge their full range of contributions.

Good Stewardship is:


Ten Reasons for Joining the Sierra Club in Colorado

  1. You will be joining the joining The Rocky Mountain Chapter with over 13,000 others in Colorado who care deeply about preserving our wild areas and our environment.
  2. The Sierra Club operates a variety of action committees in Colorado that work on specific areas of environmental concern. Currently there are committees that work on the following issues:
  3. The Sierra Club offers its members thousands of hikes each year that range from exotic, international treks in unusual countries to regional and local hikes for an afternoon or weekend.
  4. All members receive the beautifully illustrated magazine, Sierra, which keeps you informed on all the significant environmental issues around the country and around the world.
  5. The Sierra Club offers its members significant discounts on Club products, such as our ever popular calendars, posters, guide books, and outdoor gear.
  6. All Sierra Club members are elligible to participate in our famous national outings programs (only available to Club members) offering fantastic vacations to a wide variety of locations world-wide. Of course, our local hikes here in the Rocky Mountain Chapter and other outings are open to anyone, so bring a friend!
  7. All Sierra Club members in Colorado receive a bi-monthly newsletter, Peak & Prairie, which informs and educates on all current and local environmental issues.
  8. All Sierra Club members in Colorado will receive a group newsletter from their particular group.
  9. The Club provides a variety of social, educational, and recreational meetings on a regular basis.
  10. The Club offers you an opportunity to become personally, directly involved in the essential work of preserving our environment in Colorado.


Sierra Club Life Memberships

When you become a Life member of the Sierra Club, you join an indispensable group of honored members who are dedicated to preserving our environment and protecting the natural beauty of Earth's wild lands and all the habitat it supports

A Sierra Club Life Membership is an investment in tomorrow. A tomorrow for the grizzly bears of the rugged forest. A tomorrow for the Yup'ik Eskimos of Alaska. A tomorrow for the Black Oats and Knotty Pines of the Adriondack. A tomorrow for all our children to breathe clean air, drink fresh water, to surround themselves in the majesty of Earth's natural environment. A Sierra Club Life Membership enables you to provide an invaluable gift for future generations of all species - from the tiniest insects to the largest Sequoias of the Redwood Forest.

As a Life Member of the Sierra Club, you'll receive a bi-monthly issue of our full-color, award-winning Sierra magazine, a quarterly subscription to our activist update, The Planet, and a copy of your local Chapter newsletter. You'll be entitled to benefits including local and worldwide outing opportunities, as well as discounts on Sierra Club logo items, books, and nature calendars. Plus, you'll receive a Life Member Certificate featuring an Ansel Adams photograph, a distinctive Sierra Club Life Membership card and a lapel pin to show your dedication and commitment to the Sierra Club- and to our Earth.

Dues for a Single Membership are $750, with Joint Memberships for just $1000. You may pay your dues in full or in annual installments of $250. Life Member dues are invested in an endowment in which all earned interest is spent to support ongoing Sierra Club conservation campaigns, while the principle remains to continue Sierra Club's effectiveness. Your dues will continue to protect the pristine beauty of our natural world far into the future.

Please make a commitment today to protect and reserve the Earth's wild lands for tomorrow.

For more information contact:

Sierra Club Membership Services
(415) 977-5653


Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter
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